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10 Creative Ways To Use RFID Technology

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The popularity of RFID technology has grown over the past few years and its reputation as a highly versatile method of adding business value too. To create a truly customized solution, RFID readers can be integrated with other tracking systems. Most people who are familiar with RFID technology commonly associate it with inventory tracking, supply chain management, and fixed asset tracking. However, the RFID technology can be used in many other creative ways.


1. Race timing


For fair awarding during any competitive running event, it’s important to invest in RFID chips. These chips allow race administrators to keep track of a racer’s progress along the course, as well as their finish time. RFID readers are set up at various checkpoints along the race route and they scan a racer’s tag as they pass. The reader associates a timestamp with the exact moment a racer crosses the start line and captures the precise moment they cross the finish line.


2. Document tracking


It’s difficult to keep track of crucial documents stored in secure environments where large volumes of confidential records are stored in hard copy (eg accounting firms, healthcare facilities, law offices, etc). RFID technology can be used to track physical records as they move through a building. The technology can also provide a history of who last checked out a document and where it was last read.


3. Infectious disease control


In hospitals or lab environments where hand-washing can be a matter of life or death, RFID technology can be used to ensure that employees are adhering to the hand-washing policies. With RFID-enabled readers and employee badges stationed at sinks and hand-sanitizing stations, you can automatically generate the history of an employee’s hand-washing activities. RFID technology can also be used to determine who came into contact with high-risk patients or situations and provide a location history of where they went next, to contain the spread of infectious disease or prevent contamination.


4. Waste disposal


RFID technology can be used by garbage collection companies to increase the sales of recyclables and save on the cost of dumping trash into landfills. Putting RFID tags on the garbage and recycle containers, these companies can then analyze this information to gather data on the areas that are lagging in recycling, identify households that are not recycling, and concentrate education efforts and resources in the neighborhoods that aren’t recycling.


5. Parking


RFID technology can be used to manage controlled access to parking garages. Authorized drivers can place an RFID-enabled sticker or tag on their windshields. As they approach the entrances to the parking area, a fixed reader triggers the parking system to automatically raise the arm and grant access. Therefore, if a driver’s tag is expired or payment is past due, they will be denied entrance.


6. Tool tracking


Hand tools like grinders, saws, and drills may be relatively small and inexpensive but they’re necessary during manufacturing and construction operations. These small hand-held assets are prone to lose or theft, therefore, RFID technology can be used to limit and track employees’ access to tool rooms. The tags ensure only the employees with proper credentials can access them. The tags can also be affixed to tools, with readers positioned at doorways to track these tools as they come and go.


7. Find golf balls


Upon hitting the ball, every golf player deals with the chaos of finding it. RFID technology can be used to help golf players locate the balls when they are inserted with RFID chips. Using a handheld RFID scanner, players can find lost balls from a distance of 30 to 100 feet from where they were hit.


8. Smart fitting rooms


When you’re buying a dress, most of your time is wasted on finding out if you’ll look good in it. In the room, the RFID-powered kiosks will identify the dress and give you the product data as well as suggestions. You can also go through the alternatives. Apart from that, they also give suggestions on the accessories that go with the dress, including handbags. These smart fitting rooms would help you save time as well as define your style.


9. Prevent cheating in casinos


Cheating is a common activity in casinos and sometimes, it’s difficult to find out. With RFID-enabled betting chips it’s easier to monitor each individual, in terms of betting patterns and other improper gaming methods.


10. Smart shopping carts


When it comes to shopping malls, finding the items you need is a huge task. With smart shopping carts, these carts download your shopping list digitally and RFID guides you to the locations where the items are. This can also help you to easily check out, therefore, you don’t have to stay in a long queue. With these smart shopping carts, you can save energy and time.


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