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BioPaper® Card

BioPaper® card is a woodless paper card performs just like PVC.
Newly promoted by Nexqo, BioPaper® is made from naturally occurring resources.

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More Eco-friendly than traditional paper

Compared with the traditional paper-making process, the production of BioPaper® does not produce wastewater, waste gas, or waste residue, and the product can be degraded naturally, which is a pollution-free environmentally eco-friendly paper material.

waste water, waste gas and waste residue

No Waste Water

No Waste Gas

No Waste Residue

With an annual output of 120,000 tons of BioPape®, it can save 24 million liters of freshwater per year compared to traditional
paper making; also, it can save 2.4 million trees each year, which is equivalent to 50,000 acres of tree planting.

why biopaper is more eco-friendly than paper
Performs just like PVC

BioPaper®, being a woodless paper made from natural occurring resources, but performs just like PVC, is getting rapidly popular in making hotel key cards, membership cards, access control cards, metro cards, playing cards, etc.
It’s waterproof and tear-resistant, has a longer lifetime than a regular PVC card.

water-proof and tear resistance



BioPaper® has passed international certificates such as ASTM F963-17, BPA, Phthalates 9P.

Main Features

1. 100% eco-friendly;
2. Woodless, even more eco-friendly than traditional paper;
3. Waterproof, tear resistant, degradable, direct contact to food.


1. Is BioPaper® 100% degradable?
Yes, BioPaper® is made from naturally occurring resources. It can be degraded in dust within 1 year and a half of sunlight exposure. You can throw it away without any additional handling and it will degrade within a certain period like an eggshell. Besides, you can burn it directly. Burning BioPaper® will not create any toxic gases but only water, CO2, and limited ashes.

2. What’s the difference between BioPaper® and traditional paper?
BioPaper® is even more eco-friendly than traditional paper because it’s 100% wood-free. Besides, it has a longer lifetime than traditional paper because it’s waterproof and tear-resistant. In short, it has both features of paper and plastic, but totally environmentally friendly.
Actually, BioPaper® is not real paper, it’s called paper because its paper-like look and the similar application with paper.

3. Is BioPaper® toxic?
NO! BioPaper® is refining from naturally occurring resources, if without any printing, it can contact food directly. And it’s originally white, nothing alkaline, bleaching or any other chemicals are added in the production.

4. Can BioPaper® be printed like PVC?
Yes. Offset printing, digital printing, and UV printing are all available for BioPaper®. And the printing effect is just as perfect as a PVC card. But laser printing is not available for BioPaper® cards because they cannot stand high temperatures.

5. Can I write on BioPaper® card?
Yes. BioPaper® is fiber-free compared to traditional paper, it can be written on with a pen, both pencil and ballpoint pen are available.

6. What’s the lifetime of BioPaper® card?
Lifetime of BioPaper® could be even longer than PVC card.
Not like BioPVC , BioPaper® will not turn yellow no matter how long it has been used, as long as BioPaper® card is not exposed to direct sunlight or inside water permanently.

7. ls BioPaper® card more expensive than the PVC card?
Yes but not much.
As our clients know that, Nexqo has been committing to promoting environmentally friendly materials since we established. Our goal is to find an affordable eco-friendly option to replace PVC card for our clients. We think BioPaper® is THE ONE.
Buying a card with eco-friendly material which has the same features as PVC cards with little higher cost, makes a large contribution to environmental protection in the meantime. Why hesitate?

8. What products can BioPaper® be made into?
BioPaper® can be made into RFID cards, RFID labels, RFID tickets, including hotel key cards, membership cards, amusement parks’ tickets, etc.
In a word, anything that is made of PVC or paper can be instead by BioPaper™.

9. What dimensions are available for BioPaper® card?
The standard size is 85.6*54*0.63 mm.
Customized size is available.

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