NFC Solution for Events

NFC Solution for Events

- NFC Wristband

NFC wristbands can be used in events in a variety of ways, with different usages, they can realize different functions.
Here are the most common functions that NFC wristbands be used in events.

Applications of NFC Wristbands in Events

access control

Access Control

NFC wristbands can be used as a ticket or pass for entry into an event or specific areas within the event. By tapping the wristband against an NFC reader, the user’s access can be validated and authorized.

Cashless Payment

NFC wristbands can be linked to the user’s payment information, allowing them to make purchases with a simple tap of the wristband against a payment terminal. This eliminates the need for cash or credit cards and makes transactions faster and more convenient.

cashless payment
Sharing contact information

Sharing contact information

NFC can be used to share contact information quickly and easily. By encoding information inside the wristbands, users can exchange contact information, social media profiles, and other relevant details. This can help people connect with each other on social media and build their networks.

Social Media Integration

By linking NFC wristbands to social media accounts, attendees can easily share their experience on their preferred social media platforms. This can also enable event organizers to collect user-generated content, such as photos and videos, to share on their own social media channels.

Social Media Integration
Attendee Tracking

Attendee Tracking

NFC wristbands can be used to track attendance at specific sessions or activities within the event, helping event organizers better understand attendee preferences and behavior.


NFC wristbands can be used to create interactive games and challenges for attendees to participate in. For example, attendees can tap their wristbands against designated readers to collect points or rewards for completing certain tasks or activities.


Overall, NFC wristbands offer a range of benefits for event organizers and attendees, including improved security, faster and more convenient transactions, and enhanced engagement and interactivity.

Benefits of Using NFC Wristbands for Events

A study by the International Association of Venue Managers found that access control systems, such as those using NFC wristbands, can improve overall event security and reduce the risk of unauthorized entry.

Enhanced Security

A survey conducted by Square found that 56% of attendees prefer to pay for event purchases with a mobile wallet or contactless payment method, such as NFC wristbands. This indicates that there is a growing demand for cashless payment options at events.

Convenient Payments

A case study by the music festival Tomorrowland found that the use of NFC wristbands for access control, cashless payments, and attendee tracking led to a more seamless and enjoyable experience for attendees.

Improved Attendee Experience

A report by Cvent found that event organizers are increasingly using technology, such as NFC wristbands, to collect data on attendee behavior and preferences, which can be used to improve future events and marketing efforts.

Data Collection

A study by Eventbrite found that 80% of attendees are more likely to attend an event if it offers personalized experiences, such as customized recommendations or targeted promotions. By linking NFC wristbands to attendee information, organizers can offer personalized experiences that increase attendee satisfaction and engagement.


A study by the Event Marketing Institute found that 42% of event organizers are using RFID or NFC technology to replace paper tickets or badges, which can help to reduce costs associated with printing and distributing paper tickets.

Reduced Costs

Commonly Used NFC Wristband Types

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