Project Description


PETG is an eco-friendly plastic material. It’s complaint with FDA and Directive 2002/95/EC, allowed to be contacted with food directly.

application of PETG -- sheets

Main feature:

1. High toughness;                                       2. High impact strength;
3. Wide processing range;                         4. High mechanical strength.


Nexqo provides PETG cards for hospitality, supermarkets, banks, transportation, government ID cards, etc.

Sheets and cards: (what we provide)

poster, credit card, ID card, etc.

application of PETG -- plastic card


constructive materials and decorations

application of PETG -- petg tubes


water bottle packaging, food packaging, etc.

application of PETG -- petg water bottles


water bottles, beer containers, etc.

application of PETG -- petg water bottles


PETG      VS


Higher transparency, easier for processing, printing and coloring, the most important is, PETG is eco-friendly


Easier for producing more complicated products, outstanding thermoforming function, shorter molding cycle, higher transparency, chemical resistance.


Eco-friendly, higher adhesion, better for printing and processing, higher toughness and smoothness.

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