RFID Asset tracking Solution

Why use RFID for Asset Tracking?

  • Real-time data management;
  • Effectively reducing management costs;
  • The asset could be sourced and protected;
  • LIfe-time circle could be tracked easily.

Every business faces a key challenge of managing and locating important assets. The time spent searching for critical equipment can lead to wasted labor, expensive downtime or delays, missed deadlines, and customer commitments.

By utilizing radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to automatically track those assets, you can improve asset management. For fixed and mobile assets, RFID implementation can provide accurate, real-time tracking data.

Component of the RFID Asset Tracking System


  • Able to work in dark environment;
  • Unique identifier for each tag;
  • Encoding available;
  • Can be detected even on metallic objects;
  • Multiple tags can be detected at the same time, improve working efficiency.

RFID Reader

  • Portable;
  • Easy operation and user friendly;
  • Waterproof and durable;
  • Stable working performance;
  • Detecting data within seconds;
  • Long-range detecting.


  • Easy to integrate – able to dock with third-party systems, improve efficiency;
  • High compatibility – suitable for multiple platforms and devices;
  • Explorable;
  • User friendly – easy for operation.

What Can RFID Do In Asset Tracking?

asset tracking

What Can Software Do?

Whole Life Circle Tracking

The whole closed-loop tracking from purchasing –> adopting –> management –> transferring –> maintenance –> depreciation –> borrowing & returning –> scraping.

Operations & management

  • Sourcing & identification;
  • Fast stocktaking with using RFID;
  • Shortage pre-alert;
  • Missing pre-alert.


  • Inventory report;
  • Stocktaking report;
  • Storage report;
  • Data records and analysis.

Benefits of Adopting RFID for Asset Tracking

Assets data are collected easier and faster, and reports are generated automatically.

Reduce Management Cost

Assets tracked automatically; multiple stocktakings merged automatically.

Improve Working Efficiency

Providing accurate and real-time tracking data for a smarter analysis and management.

Big Data Analysis

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