About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.

cherry wong

Cherry Wong | Associate Director of Sales

8 years' experience in RFID and connectivity. Expert in business development and customer relationship management.

boris' photo

Boris Hua | Founder & CEO

15+ years' experience in RFID. Expert in RFID technology and customized RFID solution development.

seven hsia

Seven Hsia | Associate Director of Sales

8 years' experience in RFID products and market research. Expert in marketing strategy making.

Our story

RFID & NFC Solution Provider

Nexqo was founded in 2010. We are engaged in RFID and NFC one-stop solutions which are widely applied in various fields like hospitality, warehouse management, transportation,  telecommunication, garment retail, etc. We have a large number of loyal customers all over the world. 

With the promise of being innovative, we constantly improve the way we work, thinking outside of the box by serving top tailor made to address specific needs in different fields.

Our goal is to meet your highest expectations.

Why Choose Us?

Get To Know How We Produce A Wonderful Product

A-class material


To make a perfect product, the material is very important.
Nexqo uses fully new A-class PVC to make all our cards and tags, only high-quality material can make a high-quality product.

heidelberg 5-color printing machine


Nexqo introduces brand-new Heidelberg 5-color printing machine to print the products, experienced printing workmen to control the colors, to make sure the best printing quality.



Electrostatic eliminating processed before laminating, to make sure there is no dust, fur or dirty spots inside, then to present a wonderful product for every client.

manually checking


International QC standard; machinery QC first, and then manually QC one by one, to guarantee every single product is carefully checked and in perfect condition.

shrink wrapped packaging


Nexqo uses top standard packaging material to pack the goods, which ensured every product is well protected during overseas shipping.

our service


We promise every item made by us is well functioned, you will always get what you ordered. We’ve been looking forward to a long-term partnership.





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