New Material

That’s what we call eco-friendly material
biopaper card

BioPaper® Card

A woodless and waterproof paper card.

A perfect replacement of PVC key card that to enhance your enviornmentally friendly brand attitude.


Green transformation enhances your environmentally friendly brand attitude, isn’t it?

With this paper card, you hold the key to a “plastic free” world.

different grams and thick of paper
brief introduction of BioPVC


The most economy environmental plastic solution;

Trademark registered in Europe;

Successfully passed ASTM D3826 and ASTM D5208-1;

Could be degraded in landfill condition.


7 materials optional;

FCS Certified for truly sustainable alternatives;

Special and unique grain for each card;

Smooth touching, low-key luxury.

PETG sheets


High transparency, high toughness;

Can be made into different shapes and sizes;

Compliant with FDA and Directive 2002/95/EC;

Highly recommend for HIGH-END products.


If you are looking for a degradable plastic material that could be used in both cold and hot environment, FDA certified and passed RoHS 2011/65/EU, IEC 62321 and RoHS 2015/863/EU, IEC 62321, ABS would be a perfect option.

ABS sheet