RFID Solution For The Hospitality Industry

rfid in hospitality

You might know that RFID technology is now applied in the hospitality industry, for example, RFID key cards for opening the doors. Then do you know what else applications can RFID be used in hotels?


access control

Access Control

Hotels are using room key cards for access control. Here are the main advantages of using RFID key cards instead of magstripe key card;

  1. Higher security makes guests feel more relax
  2. Lower maintenance costs
  3. Less problems with RFID keys and locks

That’s to say, RFID key cards and locks are beneficial for both the guests and hotel owners.

Consume Inside The Hotel

The very same RFID key card can also be used for paying the bills which are consumed inside the hotel.




Shopping malls

rfid wristband

RFID Wristband

RFID wristbands has a wider application than RFID key cards. It can also be used in the gyms and swimming pools inside the hotel due to it’s waterproof.

Access control

Cashless payment

Unlock lockers


rfid in hospitality

RFID tags can be used for asset tracking, food traceability, uniform tracking, staff tracking & safety monitoring, supply chain automation, and linen management in the hotel.

Take RFID linen management for an example, all used bed sheets, pillowcases, towels, and such stuffs in all guests rooms need to be washed and changed every day, it’s difficult for staffs just to remember or record which rooms are changed, which rooms are not. But if using RFID tags for these stuffs, the whole process will become much easier and more efficient.

Available RFID Tags For Hotels

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