RFID Laundry Tag

RFID laundry tag, could be a PPS, silicone or textile tag with RFID inlay embedded inside. UHF is the most popular option, LF and HF are also available for the PPS one.


Automate the process of laundry;
Improve the accuracy of information between the laundry and its customers;
Hospital uniform and hotel bed sheet washing and tracking;
Enterprises uniform attendance management.

rfid textile laundry tags used in laundries

How does RFID Laundry Tag work?

Data encoded in the RFID chip

Tag stitched onto the garment

RFID reader receives and transmits data

Data transmitted to the system

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Main Feature

1. High temperature resistance;
2. Long reading range;
3. High efficiency;
4. High-yield volume with stable process;
5. Washable pressure resistance and alkali resistance.


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