RFID  Label

RFID label is a paper or plastic label with RFID inlay embedded inside, it’s normally used for warehouse management, assets sorting, logistic management, library management, anti-counterfeiting, etc.


Printing layer


Chip + Antenna

Adhesive (3M or regular)

Release paper

P.S. Nexqo makes the release paper larger than the label itself for more easily peeling off.

Nexqo also provides RFID dry inlay and wet inlay (label that without the printing surface) for all 3 frequencies.

How does RFID label work?

RFID library label for example

how rfid label used in library

RFID label ( with book information encoded inside the RFID chip )

Each book sticked with an RFID label

Scanning RFID label with an RFID portable reader


Book information transmitted & stored in the system

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What’s the difference between RFID label and a normal label?

RFID Normal Label
Read Method Radio Signal Optical Scanner
Visible Information Not required Required
Reading Range 0 – 50 feet 0 -10 inches
Reading Performance Many at once (UHF) One at once
Content Printing & Encoding Printing
Function Read / Write Read only
Memory Up to 8K bytes No memory

Available printing method

Inkjet numbering — PET only

Inkjet printing — all types of material

Thermal transfer printing — all types of material

Direct thermal printing — thermal paper, thermal synthetic paper

Laser printing — all types of material expect coated paper and thermal paper

Offset printing — all materials, for printing logo and common information

Silkscreen printing — all materials, for printing logo and common information

What crafts we can make for RFID label?

logo printing

(front or rear side)

serial numbering printed

Sequential Number
(on the label or release paper)

barcode printing


QR code

QR Code

anti-counterfeiting patterns

Anti-counterfeiting patterns





anti-metal layer

(the black material)

What’s special?

Dual frequency RFID Label (HF + UHF)

Customized antenna (we can make the shape and size of the antenna as per your request)

Soft UHF anti-metal label

UHF’s signal is not stable and could be easily interrupted by metal, as a result, simply adding an anti-metal layer like LF and HF may not perform well.
Nexqo has a soft UHF anti-metal label which can work well and being sticked on irregular or curved metal surface.
Download the specification.

Wait, that’s not all what we can provide. Let’s hear your requirements.

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