PVC sheet and PVC cards are widely applied in many applications, such as promoting, supermarkets, marketing, loyalty, hospitality, enterprise, etc. With bringing convenience to people, it also increases white pollution damage to environment.

Nexqo develops and researches an eco-friendly PVC material named BioPVC®.

BioPVC® is a 100% Oxo biodegradable PVC, it could biodegrade in a landfill condition without creating methane gas even in an oxygen-free environment, which the degradation resulting from oxidative cleavage of macromolecules followed by biodegradation.

A-class material

Main feature:

1. An economy eco-friendly plastic solution;
2. Easily processing;
3. Flexible;
4. Insulation.

BioPVC® is now registered in Europe as a trade mark. As one of the premier card maker in China with annually over 150 million cards produced and distributed into more than 50 countries, Nexqo is committed to the development and promotion of environmentally PVC material.

Certificate of registration of BioPVC trademark in Europe

Composition of BioPVC®;
PVC + dessicant + a metal salt as active substance (additive).
Remark: the metal salt is legal and not heavy metal, in fact necessary as trace-element in human diet.

BioPVC® has been tested by ASTM D3826 and ASTM D5208-1 of American Society of Testing and Materials and well verified by Gema Polimer’ lab at Istanbul, and is now being widely applied to variety of PVC cards. The biodegrading aspect will not affect the function of the cards.

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Notice: laser material is not available for BioPVC.


Standard Sample Size 460*305*0.38 mm
Weight 0.4 kg/5 pcs
Density 1.43
Length No limit
Width 915 mm max.
Thickness 0.15-0.6 mm
Capacity 500 tons/month
Color White or customized

Let’s move and protect the environment together.

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