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Why Are Hotels Upgrading To RFID Door Locks?

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In the past few years, RFID hotel locks have become quite famous among hoteliers. This is because of the several benefits associated with these locks. Also, the advances in RFID technology and the supporting software offer hoteliers substantial new opportunities to enhance revenue, create a superior guest experience, and reduce costs. So, why are hoteliers embracing RFID door locks?


1. They are more secure


It’s common to drop your hotel key somewhere on the hotel’s premises and someone can pick up that key and access your room with the intention of stealing your valuables. There is no worry about misplacing your key, with an RFID hotel lock. The RFID door locks provide better property security and life security because they have professional engineering for presenting a multi-faceted safety option that seamlessly fits into the back-of-the-house security blueprint.


2. For keyless entry


RFID door locks don’t require a key to unlock, unlike traditional hotel locks where guests had to carry their room key when leaving the hotel. Hotel guests can access their rooms via RFID cards, therefore, they don’t need to worry about losing the key. Also, the hotel doesn’t need to keep an extra key for access control.


3. For streamlined operations


An RFID door lock allows for remote access management and inventory tracking of keys. Therefore, a property manager can use mobile technology to open doors or perform other tasks from virtually anywhere in the world.


4. To reduce hotel operating costs


It’s quite expensive to re-key the entire hotel as you encounter lost keys and damaged locks. With RFID technology, you can deactivate damaged or misplaced key cards remotely whenever they are reported or found by guests. In the end, this saves you money and time.


5. For integrated expanding access

RFID locks can be opened not only by a card but also through mobile phones. Through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, these locks can be opened as the RFID uses wireless technology to trigger the lock system. Some hotel guests may find carrying a keycard cumbersome, therefore, they can register their smartphones as the key and open RFID locks easily using their phones.

Many hotels nowadays have installed RFID locks and RFID mobile access locks to ensure enhanced safety and security of guests, employees, and the hotel as a whole. Guests and employees have to register via an app to unlock the RFID locks with the help of their smartphones.


6. For flexibility in configuration


Nowadays, most RFID locks come with Multi-User and Multi-Locker features. Multi-Locker denotes that a single user is assigned to many lockers, for example, the master card of a hotel that is kept under the supervision of the manager. Multi-User, on the other hand, means that many users can be registered under one lock, for example, the main entry door to the hotel premise.


7. They are weatherproof


RFID locks use wireless technology, therefore, they don’t require physical contact with the keycard to trigger the system. Hence, there is no need to worry about damages caused by humidity as the key slot or card slot in RFID locks are not exposed.


8. They are easy to use


RFID locks are convenient to install, as the tag card is more convenient to carry around compared to keys and they are also easy to use. Once a guest comes close enough to the reader, the system is triggered and unlocks the door. This feature is quite useful, especially when the guest is carrying many luggage.


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