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Do We Need RFID Blocking Products?

rfid blocking card

Nowadays, cyber crime is easier because of technological advancements. RFID skimming occurs when criminals with RFID readers scan the RFID-enabled credit card or passport in our bags and steal information that they use for identity theft or fraudulent transactions. This threat has given rise to an enormous industry of RFID blocking products. These products can effectively prevent the scanning function on a passport, driving license, and cards.


Types of RFID blocking technology


There are 2 types of RFID blocking technology. These are;


1. Passive blocking

Using a passive RFID blocker is like having a shield in front of your RFID technology that absorbs or reflects incoming RFID signals. These blockers are RFID blocking sleeves or wallers.


2. Active blocking

Active blockers have a microchip embedded in them that actively scrambles incoming RFID signals and temporarily jams scanning technology. These blockers are the RFID blocking cards.


Types of RFID blocking products


  1. Cards
  2. Protective backpacks
  3. Wallets/ Sleeves/ Pouches
  4. Shirts and jeans with RFID blocking pockets built-in


How do they work?


RFID blocking wallets are made of certain materials especially, conductive metals that prevent electromagnetic waves from passing through them. These wallets have card sleeves (or sometimes entire wallets) made from materials that don’t let radio wave through. That way, the chip won’t power up and even if it did, its signal won’t get through the wallet therefore, you can’t read the RFID card through the wallet. RFID blocking wallets use a layer of aluminum or carbon fiber to block the electromagnetic signal emitted from your card.

RFID blocking wallets and bags typically act as a Faraday Cage to block RFID signals. Faraday cages are metal cages that shield their contents by taking the electromagnetic radiation and distributing it around the cages exterior. Wallets and bags lined with this material block RFID signals.

RFID blocking cards, on the other hand, work by drawing power from the scanner and emitting a counter-signal to jam the communication.


Which RFID blocking product is better?


Using both RFID block sleeves and blocking cards guarantees maximum protection. The sleeve will protect all your cards by ensuring that you protect devices that you may not know have RFID chips in them. An RFID  blocking card will actively jam scanning devices and they are much more reliable than RFID blocking wallets.


Importance of RFID blocking products


1. To prevent identity theft

Identity theft can cause anxiety. The idea that an attacker can scan nearby credit cards for sensitive information seems plausible. If your passport details or card numbers get into the wrong hands, it’s impossible to undo the damage. RFID blocking products prevent identity theft, a crime that can haunt victims for years after their details are initially stolen.


2. To prevent fraud/ ‘contactless crime’

Through skimming a thief can theoretically withdraw money from the victims account as they wait in a store line or walk by in the street which can result in huge financial losses. This can be prevented using RFID blocking products.



Even though RFID blocking products do the job and provide some extra peaces of mind, it’s highly advisable for one to take important security precautions. These include; protecting online accounts with strong, unique passwords and reviewing credit reports regularly.


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