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RFID Solutions In The Hospitality Industry — Mobile Access

mobile access

Nowadays, hotel guests expect smart mobile devices to be the basis for their travel experiences because the smartphone has become a central part of our lives. Tech-savvy consumers increasingly expect this kind of functionality when traveling, as smartphones get even smarter. In the hospitality industry, with RFID locks and mobile access solutions, guests can skip the front desk using their smartwatch or phone as a secure key. This solution maximizes guest loyalty, operational efficiency, and convenience, as well as reducing costs and driving revenue. RFID locks and mobile access solutions are completely secure as keys cannot be duplicated, unlike traditional keys.

RFID locks and mobile access technology add security to hotels. These locks are equipped with mobile access technology and are supported by the access management system in place. The RFID locks are a lock system equipped with security encryption technology to prevent risks associated with an unauthorized entry such as keycard cloning.

RFID locks at the hotel are operable with mobile devices through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Guests can check-in at the hotel on their devices and avoid the risk of unnecessary contact at the front desk. Once they check in they receive a digital key that allows them to instantly and safely access their room. This solution removes queuing for check-in and keycard encoding and adds great value to the guest experience. It also boosts the hotel’s overall profitability by adding value and relevance to your hotel’s mobile communication strategies and streamlining front desk operations.

The implementation of RFID technology and mobile access in hotels also provides employees with the ability to maintain secure operations. For example, employees can receive real-time alerts for any potential security threats requiring immediate attention. This includes alerts for a door that has been left ajar or a wandering intruder attempting to gain access on multiple doors using a stolen keycard.

RFID technology and mobile access are beneficial to the hotel guests and the hotel. Mobile access offers guests a whole unique user experience, where guests can reserve and book their room using their mobile phones. Also, when they arrive they can use their smartphone to open the door, therefore, there is no need to wait in a queue at the front desk after a long journey.

Introducing RFID solutions and mobile access in hotels will improve service levels and guest experience as the relationship builds customer loyalty, as well as the hotel’s image and brand. This will also facilitate one-to-one communication with hotel guests which will ultimately drive customer loyalty and revenue. Lastly, on the operational side, RFID solutions and mobile access streamlines front desk operations, reduce costs, and free up the front desk team to focus on other important aspects of guest service.

Many RFID locks are compatible with mobile access. The hotel needs to add to the lock a small Bluetooth Low Energy board. Guests can open doors using their mobile phones as the key. To complement the traditional contactless access cards, the BLE technology is the perfect option.


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