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How Does RFID Technology Improve Guests’ Staying Experience?

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The hospitality industry depends on the customer’s goodwill. Top brands build trust by delivering exceptional services as guests aspire for more convenience, comfort, and ease of interaction too. For the past few years, the hospitality sector has been experiencing a huge transformation to adapt to guests’ needs, expectations, and new behaviors to improve the cost-effectiveness of the business, as well as the guest, stay experience. Implementing RFID technology in hotels fulfills the hotel’s business digitalization to increase guest bookings, revenue, as well as get more control over the business. RFID technology can be used to improve guests’ stay in different ways. These include;

RFID technology can be implemented to make guest check-in faster. Long lines at the front desk can be frustrating to guests. With RFID technology and mobile POS solutions, hotels can take the check-in process right to the guest. During high volumes of arriving guests, staff can use remote check-ins as a line-busting tool. For example, while the guest is in transit and may be in an airport shuttle arriving at the hotel, the hotel employee can easily provide a check-in process and program room keys for the guest to go straight to their room upon arrival. This can positively impact a guest’s first impression and improve their stay, as the hotel check-in process is often deemed time-consuming. Also, guests often have to wait around at baggage claim until their luggage arrives. Staff members can easily track where a bag is located by placing an RFID tag on each piece of luggage before check-in is complete.

Secondly, through RFID technology guests can easily access hotel doors, lifts, spas, restaurants, and the gym. Guests can be issued RFID-enabled cards that make accessibility seamless. Front desk staff can activate and deactivate cards remotely and also review logs to see when and where a card was used. The ability to deactivate lost RFID cards give guests peace of mind as their valuables cannot be stolen.

Thirdly, RFID technology can be used to speed up the purchase of merchandise, food, and drink. Guests can simply pay with their RFID-enabled card or wristband in outlets like spas, bars, and restaurants. The card contains payment information or room-charge information which streamlines the payment process. The transaction takes less time and eliminates credit cards and cash from outlets which will reduce the risk of theft or declined transactions.

Hotels are transient spaces where a huge number of people pass through every day. Guests need to feel safe and their valuables are also safe during their stay. RFID technology can be used to improve risk management and safety. RFID tags are easy to read by scanners at entrances, therefore, only authorized personnel can enter certain areas of the hotel which provides a safe and secure environment for the guests. The RFID electronic lock can alert hotel owners when a key card is stolen or lost, which allows for quick action during a break-in. This provides increased security and a safer environment for guests and their possessions.

RFID lock key cards can become a centralized means to access a hotel’s services. This can improve a guest’s stay where the cards can become loyalty cards where freebies and incentives can be administered. The card can be used at various POS-enabled outlets within the hotel or for use of services such as massage parlors, gyms, swimming pools, game parlors, etc.


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