PVC Card

Want to know PVC card, you need to know PVC first.

Advantage of PVC:
1. Low cost;
2. Abundant sources;
3. Easily processing;
4. Flexible;
5. Insulation;
6. Recyclable.

All these features make it very popular for making all kinds of cards, such as membership card, gift card, hotel key card, etc.

ID Card

Personalized information is available;
Photo, ID number, serial number, etc.

We can print for you
If you have a card printer, you can also do it by yourself.

id card

An overlay is necessary if the card needs personalized printing, which is the key to the best printing effect. If it’s an RFID or NFC card, remember to avoid printing on the chip position.

overlay of pvc cards

What printers are available?
Thermal transfer printer (for photos and information)
laser printer (for numbers only)
Recommend printers, FYI:
Datacard, Evolis, Fargo, Magi card, Zebra, etc.

P.S.: there are many different types of printers of these brands, make sure you select the right type.

If anti-counterfeiting needed, what options we can provide?

anti-counterfeiting features available for card

1. Anti-counterfeiting patterns

2. Hologram

3. Invisible UV ink

4. RFID chip for encoding or encryption

Combo Card

Available technology and crafts;

1. RFID chip;
2. NFC chip
3. Sequential numbering
4. QR code
5. Barcode

PVC combo cards, 1+1, 1+2, 1+3
PVC 3-up key card


There will be a tolerance of around 0.5 mm when die-cutting.

Please try to keep the background color the same or similar for combo card when designing.

Re-printable Card (ThermoRewrite)

Re-printable card is usually used as membership card or loyalty card.

What’s ThermoRewrite?
This is a rewritable thermal recording material which can be erased and reprinted for around 500 times by heat application.
The printings on which could be blue, black or red. Blue is the most popular option.

Recommend printer: STAR.
Ricoh / Mitsubishi ThermoRewrite optional for our cards.

reprintable PVC card

What’s special?

PVC would turn crisp when gets cold. Especially when you need hole punch to be used in cold environment, the card could easily get split.

What can Nexqo do to avoid a hole punched PVC card from splitting in cold environment?

  1. Move down the hole position
  2. Nexqo has a special PVC material that can be used in cold environment. Contact us for details if you have such needs.
pvc card split

Click here to see what crafts we can make for PVC card.

You know, glossy is not the only choice

gloss, matt, matt+, frosted finishing

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