Magnetic Stripe Card

Things you need to know about magnetic stripe

There are 4 different types of magnetic stripes;
Loco: 300 Oe (350 Oe), 600 Oe (650 Oe)
Hico: 2750 Oe, 4000 Oe

And 2 types of encoders for magnetic stripe cards;
One can encode Loco cards only, the other one can encode both Hico and Loco cards.

If you are not sure which magnetic stripe you are using, contact us for a sample pack for testing.

tracks of magnetic stripe
width of magnetic stripe
colors of magnetic stripe

Other colors are also available
Contact us if you have any special requirements.

Black(defaulted) Brown Gold Silver


Track 1:
available for 79 numbers and Arabic alphabet maximum

Track 2:
Available for 40 numbers only

Track 3:
Available for 107 numbers and Arabic alphabet maximum

P.S.: We will encode in track 2 if by no request.
Data encoded in track 1 will be added with a “%” automatically, which cannot be erased.

encoding magstrip card

What sizes we can make for magnetic stripe card

magstrip card dimension


Available for all 4 types of magnetic stripes


Normally applicable for 650 Oe only

What might cause the magnetic stripe card not working?

Thickness: The regular thickness of the magnetic stripe
card is 0.76 ± 0.02 mm, too thin or too thick could both
cause the card not working properly.

inproper thickness of magstrip card
wrong position of magstripe card

Wrong position of the magnetic stripe

Swipe angle / speed of the magnetic stripe card

swiping magnetic stripe card with a reader
inproper handling of magstripe card

Accidentally degaussing

How to improve the lifetime of the magnetic stripe card?

1. Keep it away from everything that has strong magnetic field, such as the magnetic snap of
handbags, keys, mobile phones, television, radio, etc.;

2. Keep it away from high temperature or high humidity environment;

3. Do not bend the card;

4. Do not put another magnetic stripe card next to it with 2 magnetic stripes face to face;

5. Get a card holder for your card.

Click here to see what crafts we can make for magnetic stripe cards?

Frequently swipe the key cards could cause lots of scratches on the card surface, also, it will hurt the
card surface.

What does Nexqo do to protect it for longer use?

1. Add an overlay on the card surface to protect the printing;

2. Add an protective film on the sheets during the whole production process, remove it before dispatched;

3. Make the finishing with matte or frosted instead of glossy.

   Glossy card will easily get obvious scratches on the card surface after limited uses, changing the
   surface to matte would be much better and lasting a decent image of the brand

You know, glossy is not the only choice

gloss, matt, matt+, frosted finishing

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