NFC Sticker

NFC sticker is a paper or plastic label with NFC inlay embedded inside, it’s normally used for payment, access control, anti-counterfeiting, etc.

application of NFC
structure of nfc sticker


Printing layer


Antenna + Chip

Adhesive (3M or regular)

Release Paper

NFC sticker without the printing surface is called NFC inlay.
Nexqo provides both dry inlay and wet inlay for NFC inlay.

How does NFC sticker work?

NFC anti-counterfeiting sticker for example

NFC Sticker ( with commodity’s information encoded inside the NFC chip )

Each commodity sticked with an NFC sticker

Scanning NFC sticker with an NFC smart phone for authentic verification

If the sticker was being damaged, the information couldn’t be detected any more

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What’s the difference between NFC and RFID?

Speciality 3 protocols NDEF format
Reading range Up to 1 meter (ISO 15693) Around 5 cm
Anti-collision Yes (ISO 15693) N/A
P2P mode N/A Yes
Working mode Passive Information interaction
Content Printing & Encoding Surface Printing
Application Identification, tracking, security, etc. Access control, payment, etc.

What crafts we can make for NFC Sticker

logo printing

(front or rear side)

QR code

QR code

barcode printing


serial numbering printed

Sequential Number
(on the label or release paper)

anti-counterfeiting patterns

Anti-counterfeiting patterns





anti-metal layer

(the black material)

What’s special?

Customized antenna (we can make the shape of the antenna as per your request)
3M adhesive available upon request

Customize your NFC sticker now

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