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All You Need To Know About BioPaper

biopaper card

BioPaper is the 1st plastic-like paper card. Then, what is BioPaper?


Main Feature:

  • Waterproof
  • Tear-resistant
  • 100% eco-friendly


Why BioPaper is a safe material?


  • Making from naturally occurring resources;
  • Compliant with FDA, ASTM F963-17, Phthalates 9P, and BPA free;
  • No toxins or chemicals added in production;
  • 100% degradable.


What can BioPaper be made into?


  • RFID Card;
  • NFC Card;
  • RFID Ticket;
  • Hotel Key Card;
  • RFID Wristband;
  • Membership Card;
  • Loyalty Card;
  • Public Transportation Card;
  • Access Control Card;
  • Business Card;
  • Staff ID Card;
  • Student ID Card;
  • Parking Card;
  • Gift Card;


What crafts are available for BioPaper Card?


  • Offset Printing;
  • Silkscreen Printing;
  • Digital Printing;
  • UV Printing;
  • Serial Numbering;
  • DOD Printing;
  • Barcode;
  • QR Code;
  • Laser Printing;
  • Metallic Gold / Silver;
  • Hot Stamp.


What’s the difference between BioPaper and paper?


  • BioPaper is woodless paper, it does not cause deforestation problems like paper;
  • The production of BioPaper does not produce waste water or gas, whichis much more eco-friendly than traditional paper from the source;
  • BioPaper is waterproof and tear-resistant, which means it has a much longer lifetime than a traditional paper card.


How can BioPaper be degraded?


  • BioPaper is made from naturally occurring sources, the raw material is 100% eco-friendly, and the color of the material will not turn yellow with the time passed by;
  • BioPaper will be degraded naturally under sunlight exposure within 1 year and a half. So please keep it away from direct sunlight in storage;
  • No special handling is required;
  • You can even burn it directly, burning BioPaper cards will not produce any toxic gases.


What dimension is available for BioPaper card?


Standard size of a BioPaper card is CR80, 85.6*54 mm;
Thickness of a standard BioPaper RFID card is 0.68 mm;
A standard BioPaper card without RFID chip is 0.60 mm;

Customized dimensions are available;
Other thicknesses are NOT available.


Should you have any other questions regarding this product, feel free to contact us at any time.

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