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6 Reasons That You Should Stop Using Paper Cards

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For small or big businesses and consumers in all industries, business cards are essential. Nowadays, besides giving contact details, these cards help in building a brand. Business cards give the first impression as they reflect the company’s personality.  They draw clients’ attention and they are cost-effective in production. Printed business cards dominate a networking event or any opportunity for a business connection to occur. Therefore, not having a business card at hand can result in the loss of potential clients. Through the cards, customers can get key contact information even though that’s not the sole purpose of today. Conventional paper-based cards have been in the market for a long time but are slowly being replaced with eco-friendly business cards. This is because;

  • Paper cards are not environment-friendly

To make paper cards, many trees have to be cut because they are the main raw material. This has resulted in floods, affected water cycle, destroyed animals and plants habitat, soil erosion, and increased level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Per year, millions of trees can be saved if the production of paper cards is stopped. When a piece of paper is burnt, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, water vapor, smoke, and ash are emitted. This results in respiratory issues especially to people who suffer from asthma if nitrogen dioxide is breathed in at higher levels. Also, the nitrogen oxides contribute to the formation of acid rain which flows through the soil. Paper cards emit harmful gases into the environment when burnt and the leftover ash can contain toxic residue which pollutes the environment. Being a woodless paper, BioPaper cards reduce the need for deforestation. It is an eco-friendly paper material that is pollution-free when degraded naturally.

  • Paper cards cause a high carbon footprint

Paper cards manufacture, distribution, printing, and even disposal carry a significant carbon credit. Paper carbon footprint can be divided into three basic elements carbon sequestration, greenhouse gas emissions, and avoided emissions. When paper cards are burnt or composted, they emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. High emissions of carbon in the atmosphere cause global warming which threatens the livelihood of animals and humans.

  • High cost of recycling the paper cards

Recycling paper cards aims at avoiding the accumulation of waste which results in pollution. The cost of recycling paper cards is high because of the contaminants present in them. If the cards have thermal receipts that contain wax, aluminum, paint, or grease are non-recyclable.

  • High wastage of water and energy

Water and energy are basic requirements in the manufacture of paper cards. There are two main steps applied in the production of paper cards; pulping and bleaching. The whole process is intensive of both energy and water in terms of freshwater utilization. A lot of water is used in this process. Wastewaters generated from the production process contain a high concentration of chemicals such as calcium oxide, sodium carbonate, hydrochloric acid, and sodium sulfide. Electrical and thermal energy is used in the paper and pulp industry to drive fans and pumps and also dry pulp.

  • Paper cards are less presentable and durable

Paper cards cannot be used to acquire a serious deck because they end up with a wrinkle or two making them less plausible. The cards cannot be washed when they get dirty as the paper coating is designed to have the softness needed. These cards can easily stick to another and when you intentionally bend the corner of the card it will be easy to determine it. BioPaper cards are tear-resistant as they are made of extremely hard-wearing bio-based paper.

  • Paper cards are expensive to print and design

For any business to get a design that stands out and gets them noticed they have to hire a professional graphic designer. For small businesses or those that operate on a small budget, this may be off-putting. Even though it’s possible to design your business cards, many business owners find it difficult to achieve their desired results.


Giving out business cards provides an opportunity for follow-up or a foot in the door for a business transaction. Two parties have a chance to get a personal encounter which is a crucial element in creating a business connection. Business cards are important in doing business overseas especially with the rise of global working opportunities. Both large and small businesses are looking for presentable cards that can withstand wear and tear. BioPaper cards have proven to exceed their expectations as the paper is environmentally friendly, waterproof, heat, and tear-resistant. The cards can also be digitized using RFID or NFC chips. When exposed to extreme temperatures, the BioPaper cards don’t change their shape because they are hard-wearing. BioPaper cards are produced from 100% naturally occurring sources and they are pollution-free when degraded naturally. Try them out and see the difference!

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