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How Can RFID Laundry Tag Help to Reduce Hotel’s Cost?

rfid used in hotel laundry

What are washing companies, textile users (laundry room, hotels, hospitals, etc.) and textile manufacturers wondering?

  1. Improving the turnover efficiency of the textile for laundry rooms, hotels, hospitals or railway operating companies;
  2. Reducing the loss of textile;
  3. Managing the life cycle of textile effectively;
  4. Checking if the textile was well cleaned every time according to the standard;
  5. Monitoring quality of the textile.


Smart RFID laundry solution can give each textile a unique code. With the unique smart washing and reading equipment arranged in the textile user and washer, we can accurately know the location of each textile. and tracking every movement of the textile which can simplify many manual interventions during the circulation of the textile. So as to realize the management of the whole process and full life cycle of the textile.


For textile manufacturers

Smart RFID laundry system can improve the quality control and help to improve the efficiency.

For textile washing companies

  1. It can accelerate circulation and increase revenue; enhance customer experience and competitiveness;
  2. Reduce textile loss and save costs; reduce inventory and save investment;
  3. Simplify the workload and save labor cost.

For textile users (hotels/hospitals/railway companies)

Reduce the operating cost and make contribution for sustaining operating.

For example, in Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel, UHF RFID system will track the uniforms of approximately 500 team members and provide automatic reports of uniforms. The implementation of the system will significantly save costs by reducing labor costs, eliminating losses, reducing purchases, reducing laundry costs and eliminate traditional labor-intensive tasks such as manual sorting, counting, and record keeping, which will significantly reduce operating costs. UHF RFID provides 100% regulatory responsibility, using lightweight UHF RFID equipment to instantly scan and record all employees’ uniform transactions for real-time accounting. UHF RFID tags are waterproof and will be attached to each piece of clothing to ensure tracking at any time.

The uniform system helps maintain the optimal inventory level to ensure future uniform procurement needs. In addition, the system can also monitor the life cycle of each piece of clothing, track laundry costs and record employee uniform distribution.

The Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel has a perfect position in improving uniform handling efficiency, saving laundry costs and managing the entire uniform inventory. It also records the storage location of each uniform and the time the staff took the uniform.


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