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7 Reasons That You Should Use RFID Wristbands For Your Resorts

rfid wristbands used for resorts

RFID technology has numerous benefits for businesses and consumers. Inside the RFID wristband, is an RFID chip that contains unique information about a guest. The RFID chips make access control, data collection, cashless payments, and social interaction easier. In hotels and resorts, these wristbands reduce the time waiting in line for guests and also increase revenues for owners. Here is why should resorts use RFID wristbands.


1. To enable guests to go cashless

In resorts, the RFID wristbands enable cashless payments which allow guests to pay for food, drinks, the spa, and the gym with a quick and easy tap. This makes the guests move around without having to worry about carrying around a wallet. RFID wristbands in resorts work like a contactless credit card.


2. To improve guest check-in

Overcomplicated check-in processes in resorts will frustrate guests and negatively affect their experiences. Incorporating pre-authorized RFID wristbands and sending them out in the mail allows guests to self-check-in on arrival. This will reduce staff costs, give your guests control over their check-in, and improve first impressions.


3. To make a social splash

RFID technology integrates with social media, therefore, guests can choose to link their RFID wristbands to their social profiles. This enables them to post photos to all their social media platforms by tapping their wristband against an RFID touch-point. This is beneficial to the resort as the guests will provide free online advertising.


4. To collect data and insight

For more enhanced management at your resort, the RFID wristbands will allow you to collect intelligent data and deep analytics. You’ll discover how guests use and interact with your attractions. With this information, you’ll determine traffic patterns and tap into undiscovered operational efficiencies.

With RFID cashless wristbands you’ll also get smart data on purchases which will allow for optimized merchandising. The data gathered from the wristbands will streamline and improve guests’ experiences in the future.


5. For control and security

RFID technology eradicates the chance of fraudulent passes that will negatively impact revenues. In resorts, RFID wristbands reduce the opportunity for theft and fraud as guests don’t need to carry cash, wallets, or credit cards.

Therefore, if the RFID wristband is misplaced, the RFID system in place allows for easy cancellation and re-issue. The wristbands can also be used to determine the last location of a child if they get lost.


6. To enable guests to have a hands-free experience

RFID wristbands free up guests from carrying credit cards, cash, and keys which allows them to enjoy the resort facilities stress-free. This allows them to focus on having fun at the resort and not on their valuables.

The RFID wristband is also used for access control of the room, gym, spa, and lockers. This makes it convenient for guests in resorts and the experience for them is instantly optimized.


7. To allow family freedom

Allowing children to purchase food and drinks on their wristbands gives them a sense of independence. The wristbands also allow parents to set spending limits or remove the option for payments, leaving it only as a key for access. RFID systems can also increase children’s safety. Therefore, a parents’ RFID wristband can be linked to their child to prevent them from leaving a perimeter without their parents and also, prevent them from gaining access to certain areas.


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