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RFID Solutions In The Hospitality Industry — Contactless Payment

rfid payment in hospitality

Hoteliers are now taking advantage of RFID technology especially due to its ease of use, relatively low cost, security, high-tech touch, and potential for operational efficiency. The technology can be an attractive solution for hoteliers looking to elevate their guest experience. Contactless payment is a type of transaction that enables users to avoid using cash or the physical implementation of credit cards that relies upon wireless methods such as RFID technology. So, how can hoteliers implement RFID solutions for contactless payments?

The hotel’s outlets like spas, restaurants, and bars can use RFID technology to streamline the payment process. Guests can simply pay with their RFID-enabled keycards or wristbands that contain their payment information or room-charge information. This eliminates credit cards and cash from outlets, therefore, the risk of theft or declined transactions decreases. Contactless payments also offer a streamlined means for users to complete a transaction in a much quicker time frame. Therefore, guests will spend more if the transaction process is simplified.

The hospitality sector can benefit from RFID technology for contactless payment methods because this system employs a host of unique encryption algorithms. If the RFID-enabled card or phone gets lost, personal information cannot be made available to a third party. RFID technology for contactless payments utilizes an advanced form of wireless encryption, therefore, the chances of data becoming corrupted or lost are virtually eliminated.

Contactless payments can offer bespoke loyalty programs. These programs within the hospitality industry can offer guests points each time they utilize an RFID contactless payment system. The points may be allocated to provide discounts at an in-house restaurant and reduced room rates.

By using RFID for contactless payments, different modes of contactless payment devices contribute to its distinction. RFID can be enabled in cards, wristbands, and smartphones to help hoteliers accommodate different guest segments. Children can be given an RFID-enabled wristband for access control and also in some cases payment. This is controlled by the parent who can be linked using their smartphone. This gives children a sense of independence and also reduces the concerns about searching for cash or credit cards in purses or wallets.

Implementing RFID technology for contactless payments can enhance the hotel’s brand recognition, as it will illustrate the ability of the hotel to embrace the latest technological innovations while keeping the needs of the end-user in mind. This type of payment method can be used in tandem with a host of other loyalty reward programs like cash-back offers and early booking opportunities. This can result in higher booking rates, a greater sense of loyalty, and positive online reviews. RFID contactless payments are relatively easy to implement and the associated results will be seen sooner.

Contactless purchases don’t require a PIN entry or signature, therefore, banks set a maximum purchase limit per transaction. Contactless RFID cards are more secure, convenient, and fast. When specifically tied to a smartphone, cardholders can use features such as remote deactivation, payment history, virtual card provisioning, and user-configured pin protection.


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