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RFID Solutions In The Hospitality Industry — Employee Tracking & Safety Monitoring

rfid in hotel for employee management

In the hospitality industry, RFID and BLE technology are used to track ID badges distributed to employees and in-house guests. In some hotels, these badges are rechargeable and may even be equipped with extras such as; motion sensors and panic buttons. For the hotel management to track employees throughout the hotel, certain receivers are placed in strategic spots around the hotel such as; breakrooms, entryways, exits, and high-risk work areas like kitchens, hallways, and work stations. Every badge, wristband, or card contains an employee’s basic information such as; their name, department, or ID number. This allows the management to see at a glance where an employee is located and which direction they are moving towards.


Employee Tracking


RFID-enabled wristbands or cards help hotels to keep track of their employees by; keeping an eye on unauthorized access in the highly critical areas and marking staff attendance. By tagging the ID badges for all employees and back-of-the-house visitors, the security control can be tightened for access to the entrances of the back-of-the-house as well as restricted areas. Alarms can be triggered to alert on suspicious movement of goods or assets and unauthorized access attempts.

With RFID, the hotel management will discover the situation of each worker inside the hotel. The technology tracks effortlessly employees’ sign-in and out, which allows the management to monitor every employee’s behavior and optimize their shifts. RFID technology can also disseminate alerts and announcements to employees during emergencies knowing their whereabouts and location.

RFID technology could also connect with the security department’s IT application to enforce authorized employees and controlled access to; vintage wine collections, general cashier rooms, and expensive liquor stores to protect cash floats and valuable goods. The RFID employee tracking system allows hotels to reduce the amount of non-value-added time that might appear on a traditional timecard, thus helping cut unnecessary payroll costs.

The system allows the hotel management to go back to a specific point in time and trace the movements of all employees if any problems occur on the job. This includes retracing the steps of an employee assigned to the workstation where things went wrong. The RFID employee tracking system can also help hotels to prevent accidents and save them millions spent in overpaid time, theft, and losses.


Safety Monitoring


Hotels are complex environments that need to be monitored and controlled in real-time given the multiplicity presence of people and vehicles. In the hospitality industry, however, there are stringent rules for workplace safety. The RFID-enabled safety monitoring system will enforce the safety and security compliance of the guests and employees.

When the hotel management knows where everyone is, it makes it easy to make sure they are in a safe area in case of an emergency such as a fire. With active RFID technology, hoteliers can easily place tags throughout the hotel and at safety points. Therefore, during an emergency, hoteliers can quickly determine whether everyone is at a safe location an if not, they can let emergency crews know who is where and in harm’s way.

Implementing RFID technology in hotels, hotels will improve their safety and risk management because anti-theft alerts, personnel management, and safety tasks can all be monitored and planned more efficiently.


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