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RFID Solutions In The Hospitality Industry — Equipment Maintenance

hotel equipment maintenance

In the hospitality industry, several assets are very expensive. Failure to regularly maintain these assets can result in resource loss, an unexpected breakdown that can result in labor overtime, scheduling work again, and production loss. An RFID equipment maintenance system ensures compliance with maintenance schedules and product recalls by showing an asset’s location, inventory, and history.

Implementing RFID solutions in the hospitality industry for equipment maintenance will significantly reduce the hotel’s operating costs by eliminating untimely labor-intensive maintenance while still providing easy access to maintenance histories. When guests checks-out from the hotel, there is a big probability that they are leaving for the railway station or airport. The hotel provides transport service and on the way the vehicle halts due to some engine problem. This may upset the guest. With an RFID tag present, it stores information about maintenance activities and it will automatically send a notification/alert on your email or smartphone for the maintenance activity of the vehicle.

The RFID equipment maintenance solution uses an RFID reader to identify tagged assets in the hotel that are undergoing maintenance, repairs, or inspection. The solution provides the visibility needed to manage the hotel’s equipment effectively. The technology also helps to improve production uptime and respond quickly to failures and outages, improve equipment maintenance with timely inspections and informed repair decisions, increase productivity and time spent looking for equipment, and improve worker safety by quickly locating and responding to equipment failure situations.

For many hotel owners, there is a plethora of on-site equipment that needs to be monitored for theft and maintenance. Every piece of equipment is a vital asset to the hotel. With RFID tags installed onto each piece of equipment, hoteliers can monitor and track the asset’s location in real-time. Also, each RFID tag can record the maintenance history of the equipment, enabling proper maintenance notification when the service is due. This results in well-maintained equipment.

Also, in hotels, RFID sensors can be used to check the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems and utility controls, identify water leaks, automatically operate hallway lights, blinds, and screens, and set heating and cooling triggers based on occupancy.

In the hospitality industry, one of the major pitfalls that are faced is delays in responding to work orders. If there is an electrical or mechanical failure, the maintenance manager should get the information immediately to initiate repairs. With an RFID equipment maintenance system in place, it’s easy to send notifications to the right people for faster response. The system can send alerts via mobile gadgets or email. Quick response to these emergencies will boost customer satisfaction. Also, with RFID technology it is possible to track, record, and manage tagged equipment, which gives the hotel management an overview of how well this equipment is being utilized. In case any of the equipment is taken out of the hotel, there is an immediate alert sent so that quick action can be taken.

It is also easy for the front desk to get overwhelmed with maintenance requests from guests, especially in a large hotel. If this is done manually, there is a risk of communication breakdown, if the records are lost. With an RFID equipment maintenance system, it is easier to track any volume of maintenance requests, and this is done in real-time. The status of the request is easy to check and the right people are notified on time.


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