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RFID Solutions In The Hospitality Industry — Food Traceability

hotel food traceability

In the food sector, hotels must guarantee and certify the quality and freshness of the products offered to guests. Lack of this brings certain problems to the hotels along with those caused by communication breakdowns with suppliers. That is why RFID solutions in the hospitality industry are very important to record all events automatically and acquire information about food production. Food traceability is essential in the hospitality industry giving hoteliers the capability to track their inventory.

The RFID food traceability system is important too; strengthens the safety of food that reaches guests’ tables, decreases food waste in the supply chain, and increases process productivity and profitability. The system provides an exclusive automation results in the visibility of the supply chain and logistics processes, as it provides the unique traceability per product without the need for a direct line of sight of data reading. Implementing RFID solutions reduces errors, unknown losses, and out-of-stock cases to a minimum. The technology simplifies and lowers inventory management and purchasing forecasting.

Food traceability in hotels is critical for the hotel’s economy and guests’ health. RFID in food helps to identify every food product in boxes and trays. With RFID, hoteliers can easily identify a product’s expiration date, lot number, gross weight, preferred consumption, variable weight, and net weight. The technology can also identify all the information related to the conditions that the product needs, such as temperature and humidity.

The RFID technology reduces the labor required for counting and identifying products upon arrival at the purchasing and receiving department. In addition, it allows inventory management in real-time and reduces the number of errors. Also, products that need to be in cold rooms are tagged using RFID to provide a lot of information about the state of maturity, the time the product has been in the cold room, and the maximum temperature that which it can remain refrigerated.

Implementing RFID food traceability systems in the hospitality industry will also ensure that food products such as meat, fruit, bread, and dairy products remain within a safe temperature during storage. The technology can improve overall operations and boost customer satisfaction as the analytics used by RFID can help staff avoid running out of a product. There are RFID tags designed for cold products in the freezer which provide accurate reads down to minus 30℃ (-22℉) or colder without being affected by ice or frost. With the usage of sensors, active RFID tags can record the temperature of the item they are attached to.

The RFID-enabled Food Safety Management system for food traceability, will enforce the food safety compliance of hygiene standards such as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and maintain the food and beverage (F&B) quality across the cold chain. The real-time tracking will monitor the temperature-sensitive and perishable F&B items at various control points of the cold chain including the supplier’s delivery trucks. It will also implement the First-In-First-Out (FIFO) protocol automatically, to ensure the perishable items taken out of the location has the earliest expiry date. Furthermore, it will ensure that temperature-sensitive items such as dairy products, liquors, raw meat, and wines are received and stored at the correct location such as chiller, freezer, and wine cellar to prevent cross-contamination.


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