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RFID Solutions In The Hospitality Industry — Luggage Tracking

rfid luggage tracking

RFID technology is one of the greatest contributory technology of the 21st Century. The technology has found a rapidly growing market and nowadays, hotels are employing RFID to improve the efficiency of their operation and gain a competitive advantage. Hotels have been looking for the opportunity to adopt RFID in the area of luggage handling for a long time.

Hoteliers have also added the ability to use online tracking to monitor the location of guests’ checked luggage. Adding RFID tags to their luggage tracking systems has helped guests to see the real-time location of their luggage. The RFID chip is embedded in the luggage tag that is attached to the guest’s suitcase at the luggage counter. The RFID tag emits information about the bag, including its geographic location, over radio waves that can be picked up by the scanners, and that data can be pinned to a map for the guest to see.

Certainly, tagging luggage in hotels will allow hoteliers to better control the identification of bags as they move through the hotel system. Hotel staff can now easily track a guest’s luggage with the RFID technology infrastructure of antennas, readers, and platform software for tracking guests’ luggage.

During holidays, hotels receive a lot of guests who come to unwind. Each guest has their luggage and there might be a mix-up due to identical luggage bags. Implementing an RFID luggage tracking solution simplifies the process of storing and locating guests’ luggage by eliminating wrong retrieval or unauthorized removal.

RFID luggage tracking solution is beneficial to both the hotel and its guests. The technology is easy to use, enhances existing standard operating procedures (SOP) by traceable records in the system, and generates luggage status reports, and luggage overdue warnings where in turn, the hotel saves the cost of operation. RFID luggage tracking solution also reduces trouble and time spent locating and identifying luggage by checking one by one paper labels. This ensures hotel guests are satisfied with the quality of services which in turn, increases productivity.

In the hospitality industry, luggage handling involves numerous steps taken from when a guest checks in their bag to when they retrieve it. With complex logistics in luggage handling, it is no surprise that things can and do go wrong. By introducing RFID luggage handling and tracking, guests can gain full visibility. The guest can utilize the RFID for automatic bag drop and the sortation system installed in the hotel can use the information for storing the bag in the right room.

Also, guests can get access to a status update on the location of their luggage as it moves throughout the hotel, passing unobtrusively embedded RFID readers and antennas, and automatically receive the information they need to make important adjustments. With RFID, the flow of data is available to hospitality workers, therefore, they have the power to deliver even more exceptional services to guests.

Also, with the RFID luggage tracking system, unassigned rooms on the luggage tracking tag are identified and can be associated with guests, resulting in not holding the luggage in a safe area until the luggage gets identified. Placing an RFID tag on each piece of luggage before check-in is complete, allows staff members to easily track where the luggage is located and know whether it has been delivered to the correct place. This makes the check-in process faster and more efficient as customers often have to wait around at baggage claim until their luggage arrives.

Guest luggage tracking has been a perennial problem for the hospitality industry and the use of RFID bag tags could simplify the process considerably. Luggage tags make traveling more convenient for guests when they arrive at the hotel. This small detail makes a big difference in the guest experience.


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