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Why We Say BioPaper Card Is A Plastic-like Paper Card

biopaper card - plastic like paper card

BioPaper card, the latest eco-friendly card recently developed by Nexqo, is now replacing plastic cards as a popular material in card making industry.


What “plastic-like” features do BioPaper cards have?


1. Waterproof

As we know, traditional paper cards can be easily damaged underwater or under high humidity conditions. But BioPaper cards can withstand high humidity conditions, even if we leave them in the water for a few days, they still work.




Traditional cards can be torn apart easily, as a result, it’s common sense that paper cards are not durable.

BioPaper cards are tear-resistant like plastic cards, therefore, their lifetime is just as long as plastic cards.



What’s the difference between BioPaper and traditional paper?


1. Calcium Carbonate Made

BioPaper is different from traditional paper because of its composition.

BioPaper is made from calcium carbonate which naturally occurred, it does not cost wood or grass, or trees, and the production of BioPaper card making emits 1/6 CO2 of paper cards only (10g VS 60g per card, please refer to this blog for more details).

BioPaper card can be degraded under direct sunlight exposure, it will be easily torn off after UV degradation. And it can replace traditional paper for all its applications.


2. More Eco-Friendly

Traditional paper card is made of wood or grass, it looks “eco=friendly” but actually they cause an environmental pollution problem, and the production of paper card making emits 6 times of CO2 than BioPaper card. Besides, producing paper is leading to serious deforestation.


Nexqo is the very first manufacturer who successfully applied BioPaper for card making, and it’s already proved that it can perfectly replace PVC cards and make a huge contribution to the earth.


Nexqo is a professional card maker with more than 10 years of experience in the card-making industry. BioPaper is the latest eco-friendly that we developed to perfectly replace plastic cards. Click here to learn more about this material.


You can also click here to learn more eco-friendly cards that you can use in your project. If you are not sure, welcome to contact our sales experts any time.

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