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Application & Addon Crafts For BioPaper Cards

BioPaper card is a new type of environmentally friendly card recently developed by Nexqo. BioPaper is mainly composed of calcium carbonate and has plastic-like properties, such as waterproof, and tear-resistance.
At the same time, the card has the lowest carbon emissions compared with common plastic cards and paper cards.

Because of these features of the product, under a background that carbon emission is becoming a hot topic around the world, BioPaper is replacing PVC as the popular material for all kinds of cards.

What crafts are available for BioPaper cards?

hole punch biopaper

Hole Punch

Often applied for student ID cards, staff ID cards, and access cards.
Option: rounded or rectangle hole.

hologram biopaper


Can be designed with unique details, thus, it's usually used for anti-counterfeiting.
Option: gold or silver

silver printing biopaper

Silk Printing

Similar to pearl finish, silk-screen printing presents a low-key luxury taste of the brand.
Option: gold or silver

laser engraving biopaper

Laser Engraving

Using laser engraved logos, letters or numbers on the card surface instead of printing inks, so the patterns can last forever.

foil stamp biopaper

Foil Stamp

Stamp colored foils and to make the patterns or letters look shiny and outstanding.
Option: gold /silver / red /green /...

anti-fake uv biopaper

Anti-fake UV

Cannot be seen with naked eyes but visible under UV light only.
Offers a "hidden" anti-fake function.

qr code biopaper

QR Code

Generated by URL, number, contact information, etc. Used for storing data or tracking product information in supply chain.

barcode biopaper


A machine-readable representation of numberals and characters. Usually used in member or loyalty system.

scratch panel biopaper

Scratch Panel

A heat-process foil stamp that can be eliminated to expose the preprinted number or text underneath.

Where can BioPaper card be used?


Access Card

Hotel Key Card

ID Card

NFC Card

Business Card

Member Card

Loyalty Card

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