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Why It’s Imminent To Change An Eco-Friendly Hotel Key Card?

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Have you ever stayed in a hotel? If yes, what did you observe there? Take the simple example of the key. Which type of key you are having in your hands? More specifically, room key card. Is it made of plastic? If yes, do you think plastic can be carcinogenic? Maybe not. You know, why? Because we commonly use it in our home and consider it is safe for our health. In actuality, this is not true.

When it comes to the side effects of plastic, you might discard it instantly because of its numerous side effects. For example, it can cause cancer and endocrine problems. Who wants to have bad health? I suppose no one would like it because health is wealth. Here we will discuss the eco-friendly system along with the hotel key cards.

What is a hotel key card?

If you have lived in flats at hotels, you already know the answer. However, I can help you to understand it as well. To open the room, you must have the key. That key is usually a card that needs to be inserted for the opening of the room lock. So, this is a hotel key card that opens the door of a flat.

What is a hotel key card made of?

A quick task for you. Check your key card. What is it made up of? Plastic, right? There are many different types of elements that can be used to make the hotel key card. Usually, at hotels, you can observe the plastic key card.

Why should the hotels change plastic key cards?

Good question. You must know before thinking about the change in the system of the key card. Here are some reasons that disclose the negative effects of plastic.


Biodegradable products produce no waste materials. By that means, they can be degraded into some neutral metabolic products. There will be no pollution or any other adverse health effects due to them. In the case of plastic, the scenario is the opposite because they are non-biodegradable. Adverse effects. Waste production. Several side effects.

Produces Water pollution:

Anything bad added to the water causes water pollution. For example, waste material. Being non-biodegradable products, plastic can produce waste materials that are added to the water. Thus, water pollution. The life in water and the life outside the water is likely to be affected.

Adverse effects on human health:

Not only water pollution causes serious problems but also plastic adds multiple diseases as well. Here are some of the most popular diseases caused by plastic.

  • Probably liver cancer
  • Endocrine Disorders
  • Nerve damage and other brain problems.

So many adverse effects of plastic make it more difficult to apply. Being a non-eco-friendly product, hotels should consider replacing it with a better alternative.

What is a better alternative for plastic key cards?

As awareness of so many harms that plastic key cards will impact to the environment and human health, it’s imminent for hotels to find an alternative for the plastic key cards. Here it is—BioPaper. BioPaper hotel key card is eco-friendly, produces less waste, and acts like a plastic card. Here are some features of it.

  • No need to destroy the forests.
  • No waste gases or products. Quite safe and eco-friendly.
  • Tear Resistant. You can’t break it with moderate force.
  • No need to worry about if water drops on it.

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