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What’s The Difference Between BioPaper And Paper?

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BioPaper is gaining popularity across the globe as the best material to use instead of paper. In efforts to conserve the environment, the development of BioPaper has proven to be authentic. To curb pollution, deforestation, wastage of water and gas using BioPaper instead of paper has achieved this and many results. What’s the difference between BioPaper and paper?

The manufacturing process

Pulp is the raw material used in papermaking. In the paper manufacturing process, wood pulp is the most popular ingredient. Trees are harvested and transported to a paper mill. The trunks are fed through a bark skimming drum where they collide and rub together. To create a clean white paper, this process is essential as it removes the trunks off all their bark.

However, the manufacturing process of the BioPaper is easy and simple because it’s woodless paper. The main raw materials used in production are from naturally occurring resources. These raw materials are 100% naturally obtained. The material passed FDA which proves it can contact with food directly. Also, the manufacturing process is eco-friendly.

The disposing criteria

To dispose off paper, you’ll need to burn it which creates carbon monoxide that pollutes the environment and is harmful to human beings when inhaled. Also, manufacturing paper bags takes more energy and the chemicals and fertilizers used in the process are harmful to the environment as they are non-degradable. This leads to landfills, pollution, acid rain, and groundwater poisoning.

On the other hand, BioPaper is degradable. To dispose off, one can burn it and it won’t create any toxic gases, or waste residue making it 100% eco-friendly.

The advantage of using BioPaper

Nowadays, in efforts to conserve the environment in day-to-day activities, the go green initiative has been actualized and implemented. BioPaper manufacturing process and disposal methods have proven to be in line with this goal. Whether you are making hotel key cards, business cards, NFC cards, or brochures, BioPaper is ideal. None of these materials will harm the environment either in production or disposal because the raw materials are derived naturally. BioPaper is waterproof and tear-resistant, therefore, the cards are more durable and can withstand wear and tear compared to the ones produced using paper. Also, there is no need for deforestation or wastage of water and gas in the production or disposal of materials made of BioPaper.


Yearly, the production of every ton of BioPaper saves 2.4 million trees and 24 million liters of fresh water. Both large and small enterprises are now moving to the use of BioPaper in their daily activities to maintain an eco-friendly brand attitude. Customers are looking out for such enterprises to be associated with them. Conserving the environment with materials made of BioPaper enhances a brand’s image.

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