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Nexqo’s First Big Event — Surprise Inside

Nexqo had already sold out over 100 million cards for the passed 10 years. To celebrate this, we are holding a promotion for two of our major products, which are — RFID paper card and BioPVC card.


For the last 10 years, what we’ve made and sold mostly are PVC cards, we always want to do something to protect the environment, that’s why we launched RFID paper card with a new craft after developing BioPVC.

RFID paper card is not a new product, but the cost of traditional RFID paper card is much higher than RFID PVC card.

However, the cost of this new RFID paper card is almost the same with PVC card. Please check more details regarding this product here.


Now, you must be curious about the promotion details.


Here we go:


Promotion 1:

Nexqo will offer 1,000,000 RFID paper cards FOR FREE!

That’s correct, no need to pay a single penny, you will have 200 FREE RFID paper card with the same artwork and the same chip with your RFID PVC card only if the order quantity is more than 5,000 pcs.

Key point: available for MOQ 5000 pcs only.


Promotion 2:

Ordering BioPVC cards, enjoy the same price with regular PVC (for both RFID and non-RFID card).

I believe all Nexqo’s clients know that our cost of BioPVC cards is a little higher than PVC, but now you can enjoy the same price.

Key point: same price with PVC for BioPVC card orders. NO MOQ.


Contact your exclusive sales expert or click here to order now!

Together, let’s do someting for saving our earth.
P.S.: Promotion ends on Nov 30th.

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