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How to Improve Lifetime Of Your RFID Key Card

rfid hotel card

Yesterday, we’ve talked about how to improve lifetime of your magnetic stripe key card, today, we will tell you how to protect your RFID key card for longer use.


RFID key card could be used to open the room door, control the power supply inside the room, access to the restaurant for breakfast, even sometimes take them to the right floor via elevator.

Then what should we pay attention to when using an RFID hotel card?


RFID hotel card usually has a longer lifetime than magstrip hotel card because you don’t need to swipe it to get the door opened, therefore, there will be much less scratches on the card surface especially when the card surface is matt finishing or frosted finishing.

But if you add some special crafts on the card surface, like gold foil, it will be faded off gradually, and when it did, the hotel will have to change for another batch of card.


1. Crafts


Make sure your supplier make the crafts with high quality materials and plates for your key card

For example, gold foil.

There are many different foil materials in the market, some are of good quality, but some are of poor quality. Some supplier will choose to use poor-quality foil material for making their cards because which could save their cost. But these material couldn’t stand long enough on the card surface.

Besides, adding an overlay on the card surface will also help to last the foil’s lifetime, but this step will also increase the cost that some supplier wouldn’t like to do it.

What’s more, a better plate, a more experienced printing worker will also help to increase the foil’s lasting time on the card surface.

Nexqo always add an overlay for gold foil stamping, and all our foil materials are from Kurz, to make sure the best quality. Contact us to get a quote.


2. Do not bend the card


Physical damage to the card might damage the RFID chip too. What’s more, if the card was damaged, it might hurt yourself too. So, be careful when you put the key card inside the pocket of your pants.


3. Get a card holder


Put the RFID key card inside a card holder when you don’t need to use it. By doing this, it will protect the card from scratching when contacting with other stuffs. Besides, it will not easily get bended.


4. Keep away from water or high temperature


PVC RFID key card is water proof, however, you may still need to put it away from water for a long time.

High temperature will influence the working performance of the RFID chip, so remember not to take your key card near something or somewhere is high temperature.


Large hotels will change their key cards every few months in order to leave their guests a wonderful and decent impression. By doing this, it will definately bring some impacts to the environment because PVC takes hundreds of years for degrading.

If possible, choose an eco-friendly material instead of PVC to make your hotel key card would be a nice choice. Nexqo has been working on all options of eco-friendly materials, trying to find an alternative material of PVC. Check what we already found in NEW MATERIAL.

You can also contact us to get a quotation of our hotel key card.

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