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How to Improve Lifetime Of Your Key Card – Magstripe Key Card

holding a magnetic stripe key card

There are 2 main kinds of hotel key cards in the market; magnetic stripe key card and RFID key card.

Today, we will tell you how to protect your magnetic stripe key card for longer use.


Comparing with RFID key card, magnetic stripe key card is more easily disabled. Then what should we pay attention to when we are using a magnetic stripe key card?


1. Keep the card away from strong magnetic field

The key factor of keeping a magnetic stripe key card working is to make sure the magnetic stripe is working. Someting that has strong magnetic field will degauss the magnetic stripe key card, and then to prevent it from working properly. Therefore, remember not to put your magnetic stripe key card too close to a strong magnetic field.

For example, magnetic snap of handbags, notebook, keys, mobile phones, television, radio, etc.


2. Keep the card away from high temperature or high humidity environment

A plastic magnetic stripe key card is water proof but still, need to take care that do not put the card in a high humidity environment for a long time. Also, keep it away from high temperature because both conditions are harmful to the magnetic stripe.


3. Do not bend the card

Physical damage to the card might damage the magnetic stripe too. What’s more, if the card was damaged, it might hurt yourself too. So, be careful when you choose to put the key card inside the pocket of your pants.


4. Do not put it next to another magnetic stripe card

You will say, even my card supplier and yourself will put the cards all in one box, and they are still working well. That’s right, but need to take care that not to put the magnetic stripes face to face, because the friction and crash between the 2 magnetic stripes will damage the magstrips, too.


5. Get a card holder

Put the magnetic stripe key card inside a card holder when you don’t need to use it. By doing this, it will protect the card from scratching when contacting with other stuffs. Besides, it will not easily get bended.


6. Improper operations

If the magnetic stripe card reader is rarely cleaned or has been used for a long time, or data was interrupted when transmitting, or other improper operations when swiping the cards, all these will also damage the card’ lifetime.


However, do not worry if your magnetic stripe key card is not working because the cost of magstripe key card is very low. Contact Nexqo for a quotation for your key cards now.

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