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6 Best Crafts to Add For Your Hotel Key Card

rfid key card with different crafts

Hotel key card is the best media that express hotel’s brand value to their guests. In addition to the unique design, some special crafts could also help to impress your guests at their first sight. Here are 6 best crafts to add for your hotel key cards.

1. Spot UV

Spot UV is also called spot gloss, spot varnish. It’s a glossy ink that’s printed on specific parts on the card surface, direct printing spot UV or apply it after printing a background color are both available. With proper design and especially when the card surface is matt finishing, it will give a “WOW” impression.

Marriott is using this craft for some of their guest room key cards.

2. Gold Foil

Gold foil is also called gold stamping. It’s a shiny gold foil which is stamped on the specific parts on the card surface. People’s eyes will be caught by the shiny part by the first sight, therefore it’s very suitable for using on the logo. There are many other colors for making this effect besides gold, if your logo is red, then you can apply red foil stamp to fit your brand. Waldorf Astoria is using this craft for their guest room key cards.

3. Metallic Gold

Metallic gold is a kind of silkscreen printing applied for specific patterns for your design. In compared with gold foil, it’s not that shiny and much low-key. If you are intend to make your brand as luxury but low key and decent, metallic gold should be a good choice for you.

4. Pearl Finishing

Pearl finishing is also called gold /silver sprinkle. It’s a gold /silver powder ink silkscreen printed on the whole surface of the card. If you check the card under the sunlight, the whole card surface will give a little twinkling effect. Hilton is using this craft for some of their guest room key cards.

5. Special Material

A-Laser material

Using a laser material for your hotel key card is the easiest way to impress your guest, you don’t even need any special design since the effect which the material itself has is cool enough. Try to turn the card into different angles, it will give you a different visual effect. Oh hey, there is not only one pattern that laser material has.

B-Black PVC material

Most plastic key card are made with white PVC material. What if using a black PVC material for your hotel key card? That would definately surprise your guests because they rarely receive such a low key but decent key card. Why not leave them a good impression simply from a little special card?

6. Eco-friendly Material

Imagine that your guests have been receiving all kinds of plastic cards, and one day, they came to your hotel and receive an eco-friendly material key card. Wouldn’t that leave them a green and sustainable brand impression?

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