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RFID is Used in 24-Hour Self-Service Library

rfid in 24-hour library

With built-in intelligent monitoring system, access control linkage system and RFID smart tags and devices, the 24-hour self-service library could realize obtaining library card, borrowing and returning books, etc. through self-service. It broke the running and service mode that traditional libraries do, which is a fully new openning reading platform.

How do these equipments ensure the library’s security?

Books: there is a UHF RFID label inside the spine of the book which cannot easily be found or ruined.

RFID self-service machine: people can use this machine to obtain a library card, return and borrow books. The machine has a built-in RFID reader that when you put the books on the machine, the reader will detect the information which is encoded in the UHF RFID label in the book, system will recognize which books you are going to borrow or return. Besides, you can also check the related borrowing and returning instructions through touching the screen.

RFID intelligent gateway: RFID intelligent gateway was set at the entrance of the library, it can garantee the security of the books and other files, it could be used as single-channel door, double-channel and multiple-channel cascade. The advanced self-checking capability of the detector can effectively identify and filter external sources of interference, with efficient alarms and low false alarm rate.

Access control linkage system: this system includes electric sliding doors, library card authentication system,  face recognition system, and two-door linkage service system. It provides linkage access control lock function, configurable function of lock retention time, and provides complete reader authentication entry, exit, alarm linkage and other complete entry and exit security solutions to ensure that the system achieves the best prevention, control and management according to the actual situation.

Intelligent monitoring system: the intelligent monitoring system is an intelligent system used to protect the safety of readers, it can restore the scene of disputes or divergent incidents in the library, and covers instant communication with the staff. The intelligent monitoring system consists of a network camera, a network hard disk video recorder, a monitoring display screen, and an emergency call system.

The 24-hour self-service library service is an effective supplement to urban public services. It extends service time, expands service space, and innovates service methods, bringing a more convenient reading experience to the general public.

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