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India: RFID system will be implemented in all hospitals in Andhra Pradesh

rfid used in indian hospital

It’s reported that radio frequency identification (RFID) systems will be implemented during maternal and child production in all government hospitals in the state, the implementation of the system may prevent newborns theft or exchange events.

Currently, this system is being piloted in hospitals in the East Godavari area. The proposal to use this radio frequency identification technology was proposed about two years ago to prevent newborns from being kidnapped or exchanged, but the implementation of RFID projects has been postponed for many reasons. Recently, RFID projects have finally been implemented in Prakasam, Visakhapatnam and East Godavari. In addition, according to the Ministry of Health, starting from November this year, RFID projects are more likely to be implemented in all hospitals across the state.

In this RFID system, the hospital will immediately attach an RFID tag to the baby and his mother when the baby is born in front of their family members. The label will contain detailed information about the baby and his mother, including their photos and other details about their identity, so parents don’t need to worry about their babies being mixed or exchanged with other babies.

Besides, in order to prevent the baby from being kidnapped, a security alarm will be installed at the entrance of the hospital to alert the hospital staff. If the newborn is taken further than 10 meters from the mother, the built-in security mechanism of the tag will also alert them.

The head of GGH Vijayawada said, “The proposal of setting up RFID system is been pended for a long time. The construction of the new gynaecology building is in progress and we hope to establish this technology in this new building.”


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