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Intelligent Pipeline Inspection and Traceability

rfid used in pipelines

Pipeline safety accidents often occur, which not only cause great property losses, but also often cause casualties and air pollution. However UHF radio frequency identification technology has made pipeline inspection and traceability more intelligent!


RFID pipeline asset electronic tag: use RFID electronic tag to identify pipeline, and match the corresponding basic information with the pipeline, such as asset code, asset name, category, purchase time, inspection records, original value and other information. During the inspection process, the inspection problems are registered in  each physical asset, including location information, inspection data, custom notes, etc., which can be traced back to inquire, to achieve asset lifecycle management. Register all RFID tag information in the system, including card issuance (binding the pipeline with the corresponding rfid electronic tag), recycling card (unbind the asset and tag), reporting the loss of the card, setting the card invalid and so on.


The advantages of the intelligent management system for pipeline inspection and traceability under radio frequency identification technology: moisture resistance, magnetic resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, little environmental damage, suitable for extreme natural environments of outdoor pipelines; microwave sensors and hands-free practical operation , Reading and writing ability has penetrating power, easy to use; loading speed is faster, high efficiency and accuracy.


The whole process of the work is instant and transparent; it can store part of the characteristics of pipeline machinery equipment, which is conducive to the information management. This prominent feature of radio frequency identification technology can mark the gathered urban underground pipelines and key equipment, and then accurately and safely locate them quickly. The underground intelligent management system further improves management ability and working efficiency, in addition, prevents potential risks in application and maintenance work.


UHF cable tie tag has a long reading distance, which is perfectly suitable for large asset tracking. For example, with a UHF cable tie tag and a UHF integrated reader, the reading distance could achieve 6 meters or above. The reader distance various for different readers. Besides, UHF character of anti-collision makes it much easier in practical operating. Several tags could be detected by the reader at one time, so that we do not need to detect the tags one by one, which saves a lot of time.

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