RFID Ticket

RFID ticket is a smart ticket with RFID chip inside. The core of RFID ticket is an RFID contactless chip, which has a unchangeable unique ID number inside when manufactured. Besides, the RFID ticket could be encoded with a password, it also supports encryption for higher security management.

How does RFID ticket work?

RFID ticket with personal info printed and encoded

RFID reader detects information

Information transmitted to the system and verified

Gate opens

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What’s the advantage of RFID ticket with comparing to a normal paper ticket?

  1. High efficiency
  2. Eliminate scalped ticket
  3. Record entering time and entrance#, avoid a ticket from being used for twice
structure of rfid ticket

Printing layer (front)

Antenna + Chip

Printing layer (back)

dimension of a standard rfid ticket

CR80 is the most frequently used size of RFID ticket. Customized size is also available (such as wristband)


2 materials that are the most popular;
Paper (low cost)
Synthetic paper (waterproof)
Other materials are available upon request.

Normally, RFID ticket needs to be personalized with some certain information, such as name, expiry date, seat number, etc.
Here shows how we choose the right material for your ticket;

First, we will need to know what printer you are using
Only the brand couldn’t help, you might need to find out the type no. as well
Or, just tell us what printing type it is (direct thermal or thermal transfer);

Secondly, tell us whether it needs waterproof or not;

Thirdly, tell us what thickness you prefer.

If you know exactly what material you need for your ticket, then we can save all these steps.

"printing mark"
printing mark of rfid ticket

Most RFID tickets have a black printing mark on the back side.

Black printing mark is a standard of controlling the printing position. Different printer has different standards on the width and position of the printing mark.

RFID ticket in roll packing format

In rolls

RFID ticket in fanfold packing format


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