What is special about the label?

RFID LED label is a battery-free, light-emitting diode (LED) RFID electronic tag, which adds a light reminder function to the traditional RFID tag, and has the function of quickly locating and searching for specified items.

Learn more? How to operate?

The tag is attached with LED lights. When the tag needs to be located, you only need to select the EPC number of the tag, and the LED lights on the tag will flash, allowing users to more intuitively identify the managed items, making it easier to find items , Instead of just reading function.

RFID LED label

Quick Positionin for Data cable

Reading EPC of RFID LED Label with an RFID Reader

Data Center Management for Data Cables

More functional use?

Widely used: Server Room line management (data center), logistics/warehouse management, various asset positioning, book/file management, supermarket goods picking, etc.

Worried about uneven printing surface?

This label adopts a special structure design, the LED light has high brightness, small size, and the label is flat. It can be applied to the printer to meet the requirements of the visualization system and the batch initialization of RFID information. The application is flexible and convenient.


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