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Why BioPaper Card Is More Eco-Friendly Than A Paper Card?

biopaper card or paper card?

Health is a priority for everyone. Our environment affects us the most. But how? For example, Lead comes in the air from automobiles. Lead is a toxic element having adverse effects on our health.

Any solution? For this purpose, you must prefer eco-friendly things. All those things that add positive effects or don’t affect negatively are called eco-friendly products. They are more beneficial in terms of toxic effects. Similarly, here the case is BioPaper card that is environmentally friendly.

What is a BioPaper card?

Usually, paper is made up of wood. The manufacturing process involves a proper mechanism in making the paper with the woods. In the case of BioPaper, the scenario is the opposite. Now, it is easier to understand the whole fact.

So, a BioPaper card is a type of woodless card that acts just like PVC(polyvinyl chloride). No waste, no cutting trees, no worries about pollution.

Why BioPaper Card is more eco-friendly than a paper card?

Have you seen a paper card? If yes, do a simple task. Jot down its components. Wood is one of them. By that means, we are cutting down billions of trees just for paper. Then do you ever know there is a paper which contains no wood? This is what we are going to discuss about in this article.

Pollution Free solution:

Why do we say BioPaper is eco-friendly? Because it produces no waste water, gas, or residue. It means we are not leaving anything toxic to spread and affect our lives during the whole production. Therefore, there are no chances for environmental pollution by utilizing BioPaper cards. Moreover, it can degrade through a natural process without producing any waste.

Save trees:

No need for woods when it comes to BioPaper. In the case of traditional paper, you need to cut down trees, let them pass through different machines, and after all those procedures, the paper is ready. While BioPaper is woodless. No cutting down of trees can save your energy resources. Approximately, you can save up to 2.4 million trees for 1 ton of BioPaper.

Works like PVC:

BioPaper is called paper because the application is similar as paper. But what different from paper is it’s waterproof and tear-resistant. Besides, multiple printing options are available with BioPaper—Offset, digital, and UV printing. These options make it popular among different industries like hospitality, transportation, supermarket, enterprises, etc.


A paper card can be torn and break apart with slight force. Moreover, it has a shorter lifetime. In the case of BioPaper, you can use it for longer periods. It doesn’t turn yellow with time passed by and can be reused. Tear-resistant and waterproof features increase its longevity. Therefore, they are being used as a replacement for traditional papers.

What are the main features of the BioPaper Card?

A BioPaper is far better than the traditional paper in many ways. Here are some of the main features of BioPaper that are worth mentioning.

  • You don’t have to destroy the natural environment for paper.
  • No effect of water upgrades the longevity of BioPaper card.
  • Doesn’t tear off quickly even if you try to.
  • 100% eco-friendly. Degradable; doesn’t produce any air or water pollution.
  • You can write with pen, ballpoint, or anything else you want to.

What are the applications of the BioPaper card?

BioPaper has prevented the use of trees. It has a wide variety of applications in multiple fields of life. To determine the application, have a look at the below points.

  • Hotel key cards
  • Transportation cards
  • Access Control Cards
  • Membership Cards
  • Metro Cards
  • Playing Cards


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