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Emergency Notice: TIGHT SUPPLY of RFID Chips


To all clients with Nexqo,


We’d like to post an emergency notice.


Due to the raising demand of RFID UHF products in the passed few months, RFID apparel tag, RFID label, NFC sticker, RFID cable tie tag, etc. The chip distributors are running out of most UHF chips among the whole industry. And this situation would be lasting till around February, 2021.

Here we collected a list of the RFID chips that are short of supply.



NTAG 213



Alien Higgs 3 (H3)

Alien Higgs 4 (H4)

Impinj Monza 4QT

Impinj R6P



If you have any requirements regarding any of the above RFID or NFC chips, please do check with us on the production lead time before placing an order.


Thanks for your supports!

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