RFID  Cable Tie Tag

Embedding an RFID chip inside a cable tie, using it for management of cables, plants, fund sources, etc. With data inside the chip detected with an RFID reader and transmitted to the system to control the information that you needed. That small RFID hardware we call it RFID cable tie tag.

rfid cable tag for plants management
attach an anti-metal RFID cable tag onto metallic products
rfid cable tag for dustbins

How does RFID Cable Tie Tag work?

Data encoded in the RFID chip

RFID cable tag attached onto objects

Data detected by an RFID reader

Data transmitted to the system

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Main Feature

1. Self-lock;
2. Long reading range;
3. Anti-metal optional;
4. Waterproof, suitable for outdoor tracking;
5. Available for HF or UHF.

Available Styles

RFID cable tag spec for NEX-AN01
RFID cable tag spec for NEX-AN03
RFID cable tag spec for NEX-AN02
RFID cable tag spec for NEX-AN04

Available Crafts

Silkscreen printing (logo);               Laser engraving (numbering);                Barcode;                QR code

What’s special?

  1. Dual frequency, HF + UHF cable tag available;
  2. Customized color is available upon request;
  3. The regular nylon tie would be split in low temperature, Nexqo has a special nylon tie for using in low-temperature, please contact us for more details if you have such needs.

Customize your RFID Cable Tie Tag now

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