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Michelin to Implant RFID Chip Inside All Car Tires by 2023

michelin auto tire

It is reported that Michelin will implant radio frequency identification (RFID) chips to all their car tires by 2023.

The RFID chip will help improve driving safety and provide predictive maintenance services.

RFID can track the tires throughout their life cycle and make a significant contribution to “predictive maintenance services”. It can also be used to improve driving safety and enable advanced driving assistance systems such as ESP to perform adjustments according to specific tire characteristics. It also provides support for timely and accurate tire replacement, provides accurate tire identification and data for dealers and repair shops, reduces fitting errors, and helps control inventory.


This technology uses up to 15 million chips each year. It can be used to increase the recycling rate of used tires, allow verification of recycling, and improve the efficiency of energy recovery projects. As cars are becoming more connected, Michelin is also working with automakers to develop algorithms to pave the way for further developments.


Michael Ewert, vice president of global sales of Michelin original equipment, said: “We are currently working with car manufacturers on the development of algorithms, since RFID technology ensures this exact tire identification, it is conceivable in the future that drivers will see a tire status display next to their fuel gauge. This condition monitoring will become increasingly important, especially for vehicles that are becoming more and more automated.”

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