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What Dimensions Are Available For Hotel Card?

different dimensions and shapes of hotel card

Hotel key cards have 2 main technologies, RFID (radio frequency identification) and magnetic stripe. Then what sizes are available for these 2 key cards each?


It is more strict on the sizes and dimensions for magnetic stripe key card because if the dimension of the key card is not suitable, the lock couldn’t be opened properly.

According to Nexqo’s experience, there are 2 dimensions that are used the most frequently for magnetic stripe key cards.

cr80 and cr50 magstrip key card

CR80, available for 300 Oe, 650 Oe and 2750 Oe;

CR50, mostly applied for 650 Oe only.

Standard thickness is 0.76 mm because some locks are very sensitive to the key card’s thickness, a thinner or thicker card could fail to open the locks.


For RFID card, the most frequently used dimension is CR80 as well, standard thickness is 0.86 mm. In addition to a standard sized key card, some hotels will make their key cards with a special shape to echo their brand image.

Generally speaking, if your hotel doesn’t need to use the key card for controlling the power inside the room, you can make your room card to any size and any shape you want, round shape, square shape, shell-shape, etc.

different sized rfid key card

Besides, if you are using RFID technology for your locking system, you can make the key card with a different material rather than PVC. Paper, wood, bamboo, BioPVC, etc. is a good choice to spread an eco-friendly brand attitude to your guests.

Some hotels are also using some RFID tags, for example, RFID stickers, RFID wristband, RFID keyfob as a hotel key for opening the door, the core of the RFID key card is the RFID chip and antenna inside, so there are way more options for RFID key cards than magnetic stripe key card that you can choose to use as your hotel’s key.


Nexqo provides both magnetic stripe and RFID key card with customized size, shape and dimension, contact us now to discuss more details with us about your needs.

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