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What Can RFID Do To Fight The Outbreak?

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The outbreak of a new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic caused fear among civilians across the world. The hospital is especially under unprecedented pressure, and the safety of frontline medical staff is always concerned. RFID (Internet of Things) technology can achieve well management of medical supplies, improve the quality and efficiency of medical work.

Through RFID technology, you can install RFID chips on the protective equipment of medical staff, and install the chip reading and writing equipment in front of the hand washing station. Whenever the medical staff starts hand washing and disinfection, you can use the RFID reading and writing equipment to read the information which stored in the chip. Analyze and accurately know the information of the medical staff who washed their hands. At the same time, a monitoring sensor is installed at the hand washing station to accurately record the water discharge and time during the hand washing station. It can monitor and record the hand washing and disinfection status of the medical staff real-time.

Using RFID sensor technology, a temperature control bracelet can be made. A body temperature sensor and RFID chip are installed in the bracelet to sense the temperature of each medical staff at any time and any place. Once a higher or lower temperature is found, the bracelet will send an alarm immediately, then the person would be taken for further detection to prevent from the epidemic. This one-to-one temperature measurement can also prevent people from being cross infection.


Controlled sorting of garbage through RFID technology can effectively classify and legally recycle medical garbage to avoid the spread of secondary pollution; each infusion rack can be equipped with an RFID infusion alarm, which uses infrared sensing to infusion drip speed and liquid itself. With monitoring by RFID, the work intensity of medical staff can be relieved accurately, and the labor force can be appropriately released.

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