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Supermarkets Realizes Self-Checkout by Using RFID

rfid used in supermarket

The direction of future retail, which certainly includes consumer experience of obtaining goods. Most people are looking for a faster delivery, so many large supermarkets have introduced a cashier robot as a new experience, which makes the whole check-out much faster than human cashier. The retail revolution could be started with the cashier, and the key is the label attached on the product.

Imagine embedding an “RFID tag” on the outer packaging of a product. Related information such as the date of manufacture, country of origin, and expire date can be written inside the chip on this label. After consumers purchased the commodity, they just need to simply place the shopping basket at a dedicated checkout counter. Through RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, the machine can instantly read the information for all commodities inside the basket and complete the checkout. RFID technology can identify high-speed moving objects and recognize multiple electronic tags at the same time, which is quick and easy to operate. This mode is popular among Japanese convenience stores. In China, Auchan and RT-Mart have also introduced this type of scanning payment method, which is commonly used in unmanned supermarkets.

However, the cost of such kind of “RFID tag” is high (comparing with RF tags) , as a result, it is more applicable for high value goods, which have made it not popular enough. Another problem is, consumers can evade payment by tearing away the RFID tag in an unsupervised scene. Therefore, it’s necessary to have someone double check the goods before they left the supermarkets.

Consumers put the goods on the checkout counter, they do not need to find barcodes or QR codes, do not need to distinguish between the standard and non-standard products, the screen will directly display the price of the goods, and then self- checkout for what they bought.

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