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RFID Technology Helps to Store Your Guns Safely

rfid used for safety store guns

People with guns must always be thinking about how to safely store guns and suspiciously get guns in an emergency, especially like home-defense pistols. This idea led to a series of quick access to pistol safes on the market, like Gunbox.

“Gunbox 2.0” is an option for storing pistols. These safes meet both requirements: both the safety of the pistol and the quick access in an emergency. The safe can be perfectly placed on a desk or bedside table. In fact, even if you accidentally saw “Gunbox 2.0”, no one would think that this is a security device for storing guns, because the design of Gunbox 2.0 is very fashionable.

Gunbox 2.0 offers two ways to authenticate identities – RFID and biometrics. The first, RFID, is pre-programmed using the provided tags or cards to work with the corresponding safe. The metal cover is automatically opened when the label is swept over the shield on the safe. If you don’t like the label, Gunbox also offers other RFID equipment accessories that you can purchase. Through the Gunbox website, you can order labels, rings and even wristbands that give users the same effect as labels and don’t have to worry about losing them.

Another one is biometric technology, which takes about a quarter of a time to read a fingerprint. But if you are in a hurry to take out the pistol, it is obviously unreliable to waste time on fingerprint recognition.

Therefore, the radio frequency identification(RFID) method is relatively reliable. Just swipe the label on the fuse box and you can open it directly. RFID is fast and efficient, and most people prefer RFID technology rather than other gun storage methods.

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