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What To Consider When Upgrading Your Locks To RFID

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The hospitality industry is experiencing a period of rapid transformation with the onset of new IoT technologies. With the numerous benefits gained when using RFID technology, many hoteliers are looking to upgrade their lock technology. Hotels should consider locks as part of a larger mobile strategy, the goal being to create a better room check-in experience for guests. However, there are many things to consider before undertaking the task. These include;


1. The strategy for guest engagement


Before upgrading, the hotel management should consider whether the strategy is to derive direct bookings or further engage with their guests via the mobile key app. Many hoteliers are looking forward to reducing the line during check-in.


2. Guest satisfaction and experience


Upgrading to contactless RFID locks will offer guests a better experience than traditional magnetic keycards. These locks are less cumbersome and easy to use, and they allow faster room entry. Also, the RFID cards don’t demagnetize which eliminates repeat trips to the front desk. Hotels can integrate digital key capability with an existing branded app to incentivize guest loyalty. RFID locks and the mobile key create a utility for the guest to engage within the digital environs of a hotel brand, with various personalization options that range from personalized announcements from the hotel staff to loyalty offers to a specific individual.

RFID locks offer improved guest satisfaction as they work with a variety of access credentials including mobile devices, key fobs, wristbands, and more.


3. The hotel’s security integrity


Even the highest security locks are no good if they aren’t installed properly. It is always imperative that a hotelier identifies a vendor that is capable of providing the hotel’s leading security standards regardless of what enhanced functionality they can offer, for any upgrade related to the hotel’s security. Therefore, hoteliers should seek to work with a vendor that can provide such services without creating new risks to safety. The new feature implemented should examine what enhanced security protocols are offered to prevent the technology from potentially being used by others criminative and at the same time boost the overall guest safety. RFID locks are high-performance and great technology lock systems for the hotel. Even with no mechanical key, hoteliers can still have foolproof security.


4. Affordable future upgrade options


A hotelier who works with a vendor capable of providing future-proof solutions can simultaneously implement the infrastructure needed to later provide guests with digital key abilities, especially when upgrading RFID functionality. Such platforms can have their mobile access features activated once the need arises, without undergoing time-consuming integrations or having to replace any existing hardware. Hoteliers can overcome many implementation challenges by ensuring locking systems are an integral part of their customer loyalty programs and mobile strategy.

Also, with advances in RFID technology, the vendor should provide seamless and affordable future upgrade options as the industry, demographic or budget needs change.



The cost of replacing locks is the major hurdle in the hospitality industry. With RFID locks, hotels now offer fast and seamless access to their premise. RFID locks also allow hoteliers to track RFID keycard activity, alarm breakdown, and the battery level of the RFID lock with the utmost ease.


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