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What’s An RFID Blocking Card?

rfid blocking card

RFID technology transmits small bits of data via a short-distance electromagnetic method. Initially, the technology was primarily used for inventory tracking but morphed into all sorts of uses including identification cards, passports, authentication, and credit cards. It’s the latter use that has driven the billion-dollar industry offering specially designed RFID-blocking accessories.

A form of digital theft that enables information from RFID-equipped credit cards to be read and duplicated is known as RFID skimming. This involves the illegitimate reading of RFID-enabled credit cards or devices at a distance to download the cards information. Afterward, the information can be written to a new blank card that operates in the same manner as the original legitimate card. An RFID blocking card now comes in handy to stop transmissions of personal information to a remote RFID device.


How Does It Work?


The RFID blocking card works by emitting a counter-signal to jam the communication because it draws power from the scanner. This card protects the surrounding card within a 2 inches radius. The RFID blocking card is 0.03 inches thick with in-built internal circuitry but it’s the same size as a standard credit card. It works on a 13.56 MHz frequency to protect yourself from data thieves who skim and steal your personal financial information within seconds.

The card protects passports, credit cards, driver’s licenses, debit cards, ATM cards, and other RFID-enabled contactless smart cards. It’s a slim and compact card that slips into the card slot in your purse or wallet.

The RFID blocking card is the simplest yet most advanced solution and prevention to identity and financial information theft. It is cheaper yet offers more advanced protection than RFID sleeves or wallets.


Advantages of having an RFID blocking card


1. Convenience

RFID blocking cards offer unmatched RFID security to all cards, therefore, you no longer need to wrap your credit cards in foil.


2. No battery needed

These cards last forever because they have an extremely efficient energy harnessing technology that allows them to be powered by energy from an RFID scanner.


3. Security

RFID blocking cards protect all your RFID-enabled credit cards, office door passes, driving licenses, passports, etc from RFID skimming.


4. Patented technology

The card uses sophisticated electromagnetic jamming technology.


5. Auto-adjust power

Most RFID blocking cards automatically adjust the power of their jamming signal to ensure your RFID-enabled cards and other materials remain protected even against very powerful RFID skimming systems.


6. Slim

RFID blocking cards are just the same size as credit cards, therefore, they perfectly fit in the wallet, purse, or cardholder.


Factors to look at when choosing the right RFID blocking card


With an influx of RFID blocking products in the market to protect sensitive information, not all RFID blocking technologies are created equal. There are several factors to look for when choosing the right blocking card. These are;

  1. It should work against both RFID and NFC signal
  2. It should be conveniently sized to fit in your waller alongside other cards so you can use it daily
  3. It should work without the use of a battery
  4. It should be active, that is, send out a signal to jam skimming devices rather than simply reflecting them
  5. It should be sold by a trusted manufacturer so that the card does what it says on the label.


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